Need help with radio (tunes) install.

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  1. Well since I seem to have the old tub running like a top now, and after spending a couple days with Rugged Seahorse on his boat with Com64 at the Hawgfest I want to put some tunes on the boat. (Ozzie Osborne was pretty good out there) No satelite or anything fancy just an AM/FM cd player with 4 speakers. Anyhow the boat never had a factory radio. My problem with this install is physically mounting the radio. They call radios these days "DIN" packages. Not sure what that means but it has a cage that needs to be installed and then the radio slides into and locks onto the cage . Problem is I do not have a "spot" that the cage can be installed nor the hardware to do so. In an automobile these cages have a factory built "place" they are secured into. When I bought this Sony radio I thought I would just cut an opening or two , push it in from behind, and screw a couple nuts onto something like I did with my '78 Cutlass Supreme Brouham. Anybody have any advice or know of where hardware can be bought to adapt this "cage " into a hole I would cut? I looked on Crutchfield but they have nothing to help. My best idea now is to put it in the glove box and tie it down.
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  2. Blue,
    You're right, in the good ole days there were nuts behind the knobs to hold everything in place. Mine doesn't have a cage, but I did buy a plastic box from I believe Atwood marina to mount the radio in. It had the cutout in the front for the radio and mounts to hang the whole deal under your dash. It made it more waterproof and looks more finished. I can't temember the name of the catalog, but I used to get a marine catalog from up around Youngstown that had a lot of boat stero stuff in it. Hope this at least gets you a start in the right direction!

    Did some looking. check this out...

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    if it is going on a tin boat you will ahave to insulate the radio from the tin. i had to put mine in that cage. the cage will hold it in place once you slide in the radio. or as stated earlier to get a waterproof radio enclosure from west marine or cabelas.
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  5. Thanks for the info gang. I like the enclosure and will go with one of those. Kills two birds with one rock.
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    Once you get that box installed ...go with satelite ditto, or an Ipod. First things first of course. Check out the streams on won't be sorry. ;)

    Isn't Ozzy a true Geek...! :D