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    i am thinking about getting a line counter reel to use at erie for only a few times a yr for some walleye fishing. i did some searching on here and cabelas and bass pro shops for line counter reels and have found some information on which reel i am thinking about. i am thinking about a reel right around the daiwa sealine reels but i dont know what the size it is. as in width, height and length. i dont want a reel that is big and bulky. i will only be trolling or jigging out of a 14 fter on erie on certain days and sometimes inland lakes. does anyone have one of these reels or something that can get me a size measurement for me that way i can see how big these reels will be. thanks alot for the information
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    the 17 size is about the size of an ordinary ambassador 5000 reel the 27 's are slightly larger. the 47 are the bigger ones and are comparable in size to the pen 209 if you are familiar with them or the plueger (sp) that they sell at walmart. sorry my 47's are in the boat ,but they are big and bulky though.



    thanks alot that helps out quite a bit
  4. shoot me an email. i have 2 daiwa sg17lca's that i'd be willing to part with if your interested.