Need help with gift ideas.........

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Skarfer, Dec 11, 2007.

  1. for the Mrs.

    After reading and responding to the other thread - I need some serious help this year!

    Any ideas as what to buy my wife???

    Last year I did that whole "day spa" thing - took her almost a year to use it........

    With 2 kids, a get-a-way is kinda what I was thinking...........we stayed at the Honeycomb Inn several years ago - had a wonderful, romantic time.......was thinking of something like that this year????

    She always says I'm not romantic enough.........guess "Hey you wanna fool around" isn't her idea of romantic. To me, it cuts to the chase. If she says YES the game on - if she says "no" then I can get back to watching some hunting or fishing show..........
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    The only thing I can tell you is take a long look at her and what she likes. Make a decision from the heart and make it something unexpected and special. You do this and you cant go wrong.

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    A nice handbag or tote, Coach or similiar? New computer Monitor, DVD Set of her favorite show if she has one. just a few.
  4. She buys whatever she wants whenever she wants it.

    She just bought a "Dolce and Gabanna" purse............yeah - that set me back a few nickles.

    See my dilemma?? It's finding something that she 1. doesn't already have, 2. won't go buy before x-mas, 3. LIKES and 4. Will use.
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    Well in the case of the woman with everything.....DO SOMETHING FROM THE HEART......whatever that means, someone else will have to help on that one. ;)
  6. That sounds exactly like my wife. I did the same the year before last and it took her over a year. I thought I had done well on the gift and she truly seemed to like it but taking that long really left me wondering.:eek:
  7. Do something from the heart?

    Yeah - I tried the whole "wrap a bow around the you-know-what" for her birthday.........didn't work.

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    Write her a poem or a love letter...and really spill your guts about how much she means to you. It will blow her away and it won't cost you a dime. Maybe get a picture of you two, when you first got married and put it together with the story or poem in a frame. She will love it!
  10. take her fishing have a nice picnic basket full of wild turkey pork rinds you know all the romantic stuff have citrenella candles burning put on some old spice. and just tell her honey you look finer than a new set of snow tires.
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    I wrote a 50 page book on our 1st 10 years of marriage, I mean I covered from the first encounter to the present, I took it to a print shop had it binded and covered with this really cool love stuff on the front, I really got into writing it and it brought back all kinds of memories we have shared in our first 10 years, we have very very little bad in our relationship but I even covered the dumd little spats. It brought tears of happiness and deep love to her eyes, she'll have it after I'm long gone. So hit the keyboard speedily and start recappin your life together from the start, tellin ya man it's an awesome gift for your babe.
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  13. You know - that's a great idea!

    BUT - I've just spent 2 days retyping word for word an 18 page contract for work and just typing this is killing me! I spent (no lie) from 5:30pm to 1am (time now) typing non-stop this stupid thing to finish.........

    I'm whooped and going to bed, but I'll keep that in mind.............
  14. Last year I got my girlfriend a Roomba Vacuum Cleaner. Its one of those automatic sweepers you turn on and it goes from room to room and sweepes the floor by its self. I know this doesn't sound like the most romantic idea
    to give her a new sweeper for Christmas but let me tell you , she still thanks me for the gift every time she turns it on and watches her "soaps" while the vacuuming gettin done. By the way that little sweeper in awesome.