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Need help with fiber glass transom mount

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by ying6, Mar 17, 2005.

  1. Hey guys, looking to put a kicker on my 19ft fiberglass Tracker targa. What is the best way of going about this? I have heard things from just tighting it on, to a jack plate, or a metal motor "guard".
    Anyone that can help I would appreciate it. I have a 125merc on the back that would be next to it.
  2. I think the best thing to do is get infomation from Tracker. They will steer you in the right direction so the job is done right. There's a tracker forum on the web site

  3. Ying,

    Are you getting a kicker with power trim? Let me know. I can send you a few pics of mine if you want to see. I have a Merc 15 HP 4s with electric start on my Targa. It is clamped and bolted to the transom. Let me know.

  4. No I am not getting one with power trim. I have one with the bolt down clamps. I am a little nervous about just attaching it to my transom, without actually bolting through the fiberglass and creating a more stable plate. However, I have been told that I can do that without damaging the fiberglass. Just want to see if others do that as well.
  5. If it were me and i was going to be drilling holes in my transom, I would want to make for dam sure that the motor is perfectly straight, you can turn both motors with out any interfernce, you can controll the kicker comfortably, and make sure you use quality stainless steel fastners and silicone the crap out of the holes. Remember, once you start drilling holes, you are pretty much stuck with what you have. Can you get into the inside of the transom to tighten the nuts? West marine, boat US sell a rubber mat type thing that you can put under the motor mount to prevent scratching the surface of the fiberglass. I have used one on several boats and they work quite well.
  6. Ying,

    I saw KK answered your post on TNB. I agree with him-I'd clamp AND bolt it. Sure makes it harder to steal, as well as making it more stable. The reason I asked if you had the Power trim was because I wasn't sure if the manual tilt kicker had any places to through-bolt the bracket to the transom. If so-I'd do it. Before you bolt it down, get it on the water and check clearances, as EA suggested. Mark and drill through the transom, following safe gel coat/fiberglass drilling instructions (don't crack your gel-coat). Lather the bolt/hole in 3M 5200 Marine Grade (below waterline) silicone. Put the biggest SS fender washer AND another regular ss flat washer on the inside of the transom with a nylock nut (should be 2 through-bolts). Let me know if you want the pic.