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need help on the bass

Discussion in 'Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by dangerdave50, Jun 4, 2007.

  1. i fish at racoon creak res. in clyde alot and over by the peir is loaded with big smallies and largemouth alot but i tried pretty much every lure in my tacklebag but they wont hit it:mad: . i dont know what to try. i know their always eating the little bluegill that are allover. i know theyll hit on sumthing but i dont know what it is:confused: . any tips?
  2. I would try leeches on a small jig head slow rolled passed them . over and over again. usually a few can be sight fished that way. good luck

  3. Or try anything that resembles a small bluegill if you know that is what they are eating.
  4. i tried a crankbait that looked like a littlebluegill but they didnt hit it either. i tried it fast,slow,twitch,pause just about everything i know. but ill try the leach thing either tonight or tomorrow.
  5. Senko.......or a gill hooked through the back, or swimbaits in gill pattern about the size of what you see them attacking.
  6. What size line are you using? What size lures also?
  7. TheBiteIsOn

    TheBiteIsOn TheBiteIsOn

    :B try finesse fishing a little.....take a 6" sinko or berkley finesse worm, hook the worm right in the middle one time with a number 4 gold hookdo not use any weight try to fish it verticle or as much as possible anyway let it slow fall and pick it back up hard to catch bass find it hard to resist, and most of all try to make your presance as unknown as possible, this type of fishing is winning bASS TOURNIMENTS all over the united states....good luck and let us know how it works:B
  8. fshnfreak

    fshnfreak I fish therefore I am!!

    try to be as stealthy as possible. i know the great sense of accomplishment i get from making a bass hit a lure and basically fooling him/her into thinking its dinner but sometimes u have to just get back to basics. by that i mean live bait fished as naturally as possible. very little weight. i havent seen a smallie yet that can resist a live softcraw. if u can get ahold of some softies i would hook em through the tail cast em out and let em sink slowly to the bottom but i bet they wont make it that far. just my 2 cents i dunno if it helps but i hope it does. oh ya one more thing if the water is clear u wanna go with the lightest line u can get away with i would say no heavier than 8lb test but i would go with 6 myself.
  9. bassmanmark

    bassmanmark Workin' is for Suckers

    Try walking the dog with a heddon or something like that...u might be fishing too finesse. Also with smallies try a double willow white spinner fished quick.
  10. thanks for the replies. lots of tips so ill try to give em a try soon and get back to you. i was using 12#test but ill try the 6# instead.
  11. i lived in north carolina for 6 yrs and fished only for largemouth bass. i have many trophy sized catches, so i thought i'd put my 2 cents in...

    my first thought for you is to keep finess fishing. Go and try to find some Bass Assin plastic worms ( dark purple or reddish works AWESOME as i have gotten 4 bass this year already with them) put the worm on the hook and put a weight at the front of the worm. Bounce the worm along the bottom and make sure you keep a tight line because the bass may just pick it up and move it...sometimes they'll slam it. it depends on their moods i guess.

    my second thought was already mentioned. Go buy some swimbaits and hook them in a crazy way you would normally not do. The swin action will be crazy which will trick the bass into thinking it's dying. Other than that try some pig and and black work the best.

    good luck
    p.s i use ONLY 8lb. and heavier Spiderwire when fishing for lrgmouth bass...havent had any problems, but thats me.
  12. The bass here in the res. are just coming of the beds now. Last week they would not hit a thing I don't care what you did they would not bite period. This could be your problem here.
  13. bassmanmark

    bassmanmark Workin' is for Suckers

    I fished a tournament at Beaver Creek last Sunday and used top water baits and
    had at least 15 fish on in about 2 hours. So they really aren't just coming off there beds. Fish in Norwalk came off there beds a couple weeks ago. And generally Beaver Creek gets warmer quicker......course someone in our tournament said the bass were all on their beds.....he only caught 2 fish though.
    I personally didn't see any on beds and I saw a ton of gills on beds....I'm not calling anyone a liar, but fish can be caught anytime of the year, and pretty easily for the most part.
  14. 1/16oz clear speckle tubes work great.
  15. all bass should be off the beds by now...
  16. jmenchhofer

    jmenchhofer 'eye addict

    I'm not familiar with Raccoon Creek Reservoir. Is it an upground? I've been fishing one of the upgrounds at Van Wert and have caught several smallies recently fishing 2 or 3" white or black twister tails on 1/8 oz. jigs. The largest was a nice 2.5 pounder on a black 3" tail on a roadrunner head. Most have hooked up relatively close to the rocky shoreline. The fish are feeding on craws, as at least a couple have had craw parts in their mouths when I caught them. I have had decent luck on or just around the corner from the downwind shoreline.

    Good luck figuring them out, smallies are a blast to catch and a beautiful fish. I caught four today, and one cleared the water by nearly two feet at one point. Talk about fun!!:)