Need help identifying this fish.. blue or channel?

Discussion in 'Catfish Discussion' started by Fishman, May 22, 2005.

  1. Fishman

    Fishman Catch bait???

    I think this is a Blue cat, my two friends were certain it was a Channel Cat.

    What do you think? I'll post the rest of the info on this fish after I get your opinions, just don't want you to be bias :)

    The weight is 24 # 13 oz.


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  3. misfit

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    ditto on the blue.
  4. flathunter

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  5. dats a blue labbats man :D how about them details ;)
  6. Doctor

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    Nice blue you got there, the anal fin is straighter in the front a Channels will be rounded, also there will be 30 or more rays on that fin bit tough to count, but when in doubt, also the channels tail is more deeply forked than a Blues, but a very nice fish..details?
  7. mrfishohio

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    Blue for sure.......nice one too.
  8. Nice Fish, Way to go on the Blue! So how about thosse details?
  9. Ðe§perado™

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    Great looking blue!!! Great job!!!!
  10. Cat Mazter

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    Very nice looking Blue Cat, Good Job !
  11. catking

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    What body of water did this cat come from ? Like to keep tabs on the blues.... GMR or Lake ???? THE CATKING !!! ........... :)
  12. Fishman

    Fishman Catch bait???

    Okay I just woke up, fished from 7PM to 9AM Saturday into Sunday. Get this though, and this is what blew me away.

    I caught that fish at East Fork Lake.

    Two of my old college buddies came down this weekend and we wanted to do some catting. Well, I work on Saturdays, so I told them to find the a spot we could all fish at East Fork. I specifically told them - do not fish off a goat path. To make a long story short here, the went on a hike, infact we needed sherpas to get where we were going. It was nuts, imagine carrying all your catfishing equipment, plus 2 bags of live bait (about 15lbs each) and several coolers containing pop and shad on ice.... there was way to much to carry..and way to far to carry it. I estimated it just over a mile, about a 25 minute walk through woods and log piles. I have no clue what they were thinking.

    We had caught a few dink channels, and had already discovered the area we were fishing was nothing but one giant snag. I had been fishing 1 large live bait, and then a peice of cut shad. He ate a peice of cut shad no larger than my thumb. I look over at my rod, its doubled over and the rod holder is pulling out of the ground. I grab a hold of the rod, and horse this fish in. Took maybe 3 minutes from the circle hooking in to having it in the net. I just horsed it out, as I didn't want to lose it to the trees (similar to the fish I lost at 6AM this morning that I refuse to talk about since I'm still in denial)

    What was even more interesting is that the 2 friends of mine I was fishing with have all studied some sort of Fisheries Management. Since I was horsing it, it came up to the surface pretty fast thrashing about and thats when we started talking about what it was. Now I have never once heard of bluecats being in East Fork, so when we saw it out in the water the gray blue color of it, we ALL thought it was a channel cat.

    As soon as it hit the net, I said guys thats a blue cat. Personally I can just tell from looking at them and tell what they are :) I convinced my friends, for the most part, but there was still some doubt between them. I made sure to photo graph the anal fin, and we let her go.

    So when I got home this morning I washed all the poison ivy off me (Hopefully) and posted these pictures. I was tired, and I'm not afriad to say it - I was actually starting to wonder my self, simply because I had never heard of a bluecat out of East Fork Lake.

    Thanks for your help guys!

    Anyone want to speculate why I caught a blue there? OH and for the record, I have plenty of other pictures from fishing there last night to PROVE this wasn't at a PAYLAKE!!!! :D :D

    edit: By the way, this is my first blue cat from Ohio!
  13. flathunter

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    I want to hear about the one that got away!!!!!!
  14. mrfishohio

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    Call it The Nile Catfishing Club, you and Jack could be charter members, I could be an honorary member...I got over mine from a few years ago ;)
  15. flathunter

    flathunter Mellons mentor

    I did not want to say this but I lost what FELT LIKE ANOTHER BIG FISH TONIGHT!!!!!..It slammed the cut bait, doubled the bigcat rod over, I picked it up and felt the surge of a bigfish then BAM!!!!! Got me in a snag :mad: Mellon head lost what may have been a huge fish last night, ask him about it.
  16. Fishman

    Fishman Catch bait???

    Alright, I'll tell you about 2 nice fish that got away... :(

    First my friends. He had out a big hybrid gill, probably 6 inches long. Got a pick up, fish was moving off slow and steady. He locks it down, rod doubles overs, has the fish on for a few seconds then gone. Reels in his bait, the darn circle hook hooked itself into the bait again, and completly buried the hook point.

    After seeing this, I am no longer going to use circle hooks on live bait. It's simply WAY to risky.

    As the sun was rising this morning I got a screaming run on a 8" live shad. Litterally, I'de never seen a fish run so fast. It was almost like it was hooked and making a tough run but imagine what it might sound like if the clicker was on and the reel was in free spool. It was so fast, it actually backlashed my 6500. Luckily my rod was in a holder and the rod quickly lurched downward. I pulled my rod out of the holder rod, turned off the clicker, engaged the spool and I couldn't reel, you know how the handle turns but the spool doesn't? The line was tangled all over the place. Mean while the fish I pulling very strongly. I manage to get the back lash out quickly, but holding the line with the fish on it to create slack to work with. I managed to do this in what felt like a matter of seconds. As you all know, a matter of seconds is all it takes for a fish hang you up like it's going out of style.

    I had had my bait maybe 2 feet from two standing trees in about 10 foot of water, a text book area to get a big fish. In that blazing run he made, I'm sure he got more than enough of line to hang me up where I had my bait placed. This was the fist that really had me upset.

    I lost another fish that picked up a smaller (5") live hybrid gill, but he had picked it up by the head, and never got the circle into his mouth.

    To recap, I'm done with circles on live bait, unless someone can convince me they have a higher hook up ratio with circles on live bait, aposed to setting the hook.

    The only fish that was hooked last night on live bait, was on a shad, and shad are soft. Hybrid bluegills are tough, and I personally think that if you want to make sure the hook finds it's mark you need to rip the hook free of the bait to meet the fish when it counts.

    So far though, this year has been simply amazing for catfishing for me. I personally think I've lost 2 fish now that would of went 20#'s of better, but there really isn't any way of knowing, guess thats what keeps me going back.

    And for the record, I would of rather seen that blue been a flathead :D
  17. flathunter

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    Tom, I cant count the number of times I have had the point of the circle hook turn into the bait and has cost me what has felt like a big fish.
  18. H2O Mellon

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    I guess what you have to look at is how many of times youd be able to set the hook vs how many times the circle hook hooks up. For me, since I'm still new to Flatheads, I think I've made up my mind to stick w/ circles , however I'm done fooling around w/ Red Caujin line, I'm going back to Big Game! I will say though that if your using big live baits like the Bluegills you get, I'd use a reg hook. I think for the small bluegills that I get or Chubs I can still use the circles.
  19. Real nice fish congrats!!!!
  20. Fishman

    Fishman Catch bait???

    Plans have changed, I'm free this weekend Jack and Bryan, make room to accomodate the infamous FishlessMan!

    Went and loaded up on some cattin stuff at BPS just a little bit ago, and dare I say it, some bass baits!!!