Need help for fishing McGregor Bay canada

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  1. I am going up to fish McGregor Bay for pike and musky. I have fished there before in the summer and done decent on pike and bass, but I am going up Sept 12-18 and try to get a musky.
    I have never fished for muskies or this late in the year up there, so I was hoping someone that has fished this time of year or for muskies would have some advice on lure types, colors and areas I should be fishing.

    Thanks, bigfish
  2. where is this????

  3. It has been fifteen years but I fished this area in the fall for smallies and pike. We trolled for the pike with large red devils spoons and bucktail spinners. We still fished all those rocky ares near deep water for smallies with craws or jigs with twisters(blue and green), but the only hit I got from a musky was on the bucktail coming around the sunny side of a rocky island. It is a great area and I would love to go back! Good luck
  4. Flo316,
    McGregor Bay is in Canada, it is part of the Georgian Bay on Lake Huron. I thought posting the question on the central Ohio link would get the best response because I know that there are quite a few people around Columbus that go up there, sorry for any confusion.

  5. Bigfish, Don't catch them all while you're there. I just found out that I'm headed up there on Sept 18th. Be sure to let me know how you did, and I will do the same when I return. I'm excited!!!!!!!!!