Need help fixing bow eye

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    Do any of you know how to fix bow eyes? (The ring that you attach to your winche to trailor your boat)

    It seems to be a little loose. It pulls away from the boat/ fiberglass a little when there is pressure on it. EX: loading the boat onto the trailor. When there is no pressure on the eye, it retracts to being flush with the fiberglass.

    Any thoughts on how to remedy the condition would be great.
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    check the inside of the bow to see if there is a loose not on the back of the eye itself. i would remove it and check for any cracks where it goes thru the bow fix as needed and replace the eye.

  3. How complicated is it? How much room will I need to work? I'm not even sure if I'll have access into that area w/o pulling up the floor. I have an stratos bass boat, if that helps.

    Where do you get replacement parts for projects like that?
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    west marine. if you don,t have access then you have trouble. you could try to epoxy it in place from the outside only .
  5. Epoxy it in place? Will that hold up to the weight of the boat being dragged up onto the trailor?
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    if not ,then you will have to get to it from the inside of the boat at the bow. might as well do it right the first time?
  7. You should be able to get to it by removing your bow electrical/control panel ( where you plug the trolling motor in) once that is removed, you should be able to see or feel the bow eye screw to tighten it up.
  8. Back when I had a small 15' Bass Phantom (one of the earlier models sold by Paul's Marine in central Ohio) the same thing happened to me. I brought on the problem by winching the boat out of a hairy makeship ramp on a small lake up in Canada. As dwmikemx stated, I was able to gain access to the interior bolt and nut through the electrical bow panel. It was tricky, but I was able to remove the nut and place a series of large washers on the bolt and then reattach a locking nylon coated nut. Use stainless steel hardware. Coated the whole thing with silicone. Did the trick. Good luck.