Need Help Finding Tackel For Kids

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  1. Hi my name is Kim Henderson, I live in NE Ohio, I volunteer my spare time helping children to learn about fishing and taking kids fishing in 1 parent homes. (Takemefishing) I am 52 with a 12 yr old grandson which I raise, we fish Berlin lakes, private fish ponds and streams, a lot.I give fishing lessons, give fishing equipment away and always looking for ways to help my kids, which is growing yearly, I want to make this larger and do a lot more but it is hard without the equipment, I search garage sales close outs etc, but on a a limited budget and no donations everything I do is volunteer. if anyone can Please help with this in any way, please let me know. Thank You God Bless Kim Henderson
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    I am assuming you live in stark county.
    I have a few rods and reels laying around that I do not use.
    I will see what I can come up with and send you a message.

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  4. If Yuo Are Really Interested In Teaching Contact The Odnr. They Have A Program Called "passport To Fishing". You Have To Take A Class. Don't Quote Me But I Belive It's Like 6-8 Hrs. You Put The Kids Thru A Small Course About Tying/ Hooks/casting Ect. The Division Will Give You Cards To Fill Out On Each Kid You Do. They Will Give You Rods And Reels. After The Kids Take The Course They Get To Keep Them.. All Free Of Charge. They May Even Give You A Little Tackle, Eg. Hooks Bobbers Weights. It Is Defintiley Worth The Call.
  5. Thanks Tom I called and waiting on next class see what happens from there. Kim