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need help at deer creek

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by moose, May 11, 2004.

  1. I need help at deer creek I've been fishing for bass at deer creek and
    only catching two or three each time. The other guys in the turny have
    been catching 10 to 15. I need some input what lure is hot at deer creek.

    Thanks moose
    (new boat fisherman) :confused:
  2. I fish the creek all the time so I cant help much with lake fishing. Deer Creek is not really known as a good bass lake from what I hear from people. Get in touch with geowol he fishes for bass over there.

  3. flathunter

    flathunter Mellons mentor

    From what I hear deer creek is a rather poor fishing lake for most species.
  4. Hey flat, the crappie fishing has been great this spring. There are usually a few nice cats that come out of there each year but for the most part your right, its not a great fishing lake. Seem like more pleasure boating than anything else. I have got some nice saugeye at the spillway as well as in the creek above the lake but have never done much good on the lake. There are some really nice holes below the lake that I have caught lots of catfish from but have not been fished them for several years.
  5. juniormintz

    juniormintz 4-Mile Fanatic

    hey twister just out of curiousity is deer creek a decent wading creek. I like to fly fish for smallies but havent found any decent creeks around here to wade
  6. Deer Creek is not that good for smallies, you should try Darby for some great smallmouth action. Deer creek is good for wading but just not a lot of smallies, i have caught more smallies below the lake than i have above the lake. If you are interested in Darby I could point you to a few good spots.
  7. Deer Creek is your typical ohio lake it can make you real humble real quick
    But it always seems to put out a few good fish. I've been fishing it for several years and depending on when I fish is how I go about it. I'll head for the dam throw a crank bait that runs 6-8 ft. if you dont get fish in the first 15 to 30 mins back off and throw a jig or tube work it out a good 25 yards from the bank on the bottom should know if its happening within the first hour or so, This may sound strange but if the black birds are down on the waters edge of the rocks spend a little extra time there there seems to be fish around when the birds are there and you can catch LM and some real nice smallies there. My next move is usually to the cove behind Harding cabin is where the other ramp is go to the back there are standing trees keep in mind they have a massive root system work them out 10 to 20 ft from the main trunk I like jigs and dark worms years ago when you could get the manns 6" augertail they were awsome I like the culprit and zoom worms spend some time with your graph back ther you'll find some nice breaks and pockets you'll also find some rock patches on the way out of the cove the left bank looks like a mud bank but out about 20 ft theres gravel with a few big rocks mixed in its good for a fish or 2 I've got a few 3 lbs on that bank next I go to the camp ground cove and flip all the wood quite of few tournaments are won back there and there always seems to be fish just have to work it harder some days all the points going back to the camp ground cove can give up some nice fish on a crank bait.
    The creek can be real good as well I normally dont like to spend the time idling all the way up there but if you go up there go as far as you can go theres a pile of big rocks on the right hand side you will see the current there used to be an old mill there a long time ago I've caught several nice smallies off of there and hit all the wood. If you keep your eye on your graph as you go out of the creek on the right hand side you'll see a hump that channel goes around both sides are good I like the bank side best. Then there is the marina theres always fish in there. The spring open's big bass was taken out of there this year it was over 3#. Cold fronts find all the big stumps you can find and fish inside the stumps then worry how to get them out when you hook them but they'll lay right in the middle of them under the roots. Theres several good rock banks but the above areas are the most consistant for me
    One of the best things thats helped me at deer creek is to spend some time there in the winter when its drawn down to the creek channel you can find some pretty cool stuff. Hope this helps you out.
    Good Luck
    maybe we'll run across each other over there some day I've got a 202 champion with a 225 merc
  8. RangerJ

    RangerJ Member

    Ive seen some big LM and SM come from Deer Creek, and know of tourneys won up creek, however when i fish tourneys I find that alot of anglers are using green and/or red jigs and cranks. I think Deer Creek is one of those lakes that takes some time to figure out. Maybe because im a rookie.... :( . I do like fishing it for fun too, and find one of my fav spots is by the rock points at the Marina. Alot of Crappie and Cats in that lake too :D . any advise would help if you feel like or would be kind enough to give it up, thanks Jason.
  9. I like black\ blue worms and jigs
    also use the black and chartruse jig
    in cranks I like the shad color in the fall and craw the rest of the time rebel deep r and bombers
  10. Deer Creek has all the bells and whistles I say for lg and sm bass. Tons of cover, plenty of good deep water, etc. Hit the marina, this time of year you can catch a limit in there. Pumkin tubes. Fish the deep laydown ladden banks. There's good spots around the dam dam too. 6+ pounders come out o there annually. Good luck.
  11. poppy


    As usual Flathunter, you have proven you don't know much about Deer Creek. I just got back from there and those crappie are hitting like crazy! I stopped in at Mary's to get some minnows and they were bringing bucket fulls of crappie in, all over 13"! Even saw one of the biggest stripers I've ever seen, almost 10 lbs! It looks like that 9" limit is finally really starting to pay off. I didn't do too bad myself either. Some really nice crappies, some white bass and even a decent smallmouth! I do believe I will head back there tomorrow!! :D