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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Chuck P., Jun 22, 2008.

  1. Chuck P.

    Chuck P. Here We Go Steelers

    Here's my problem. My youngest daughter is having a birthday July 3rd and for the last few years it seems to me that she has been getting shafted a little on her birthdays because we usually buy her stuff on her sisters b-day so she don't feel left out. I might be wrong by doing this but it sure does save a lot of

    Anyway, Me and "The Boss" have decided to get her a really nice gift this time and the only thing she is asking for is a new game system and the guitar hero game. Our neighbors have a PS3 and my girls are now addicted to this particular game.

    Between the Xbox 360, PS3 and the Wii, is any of them better or have more usable features than the other? I've pretty much decided against the PS3 due to the unreal high price and the fact that the neighbor has one but I'm still interested in learning about all 3 systems.

    I've heard that the boxing game on Wii is unreal and a blast to play but I'm a little afraid of hurting myself or throwing the controller out a window.

    Any and all advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  2. i own 3 xbox 360 consoles, the first one died but the other 2 have been great, the problem with wii from what ive heard is that the company has problems putting out good games, with the exception of the mario series many have bombed, i have heard that the sports titles do well, u may have a problem getting wii console and guitar hero, people have told me that they are hard to find still. i use my consoles online mostly and i think that live is the best network out there to game on. hope your daughter enjoys whatever console you decide on.

  3. marsh

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    For more family fun, go with the wii.
  4. Cutt'em Jack

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    My wife and I just gave a Wii to our son yesterday for his b-day. Hooked it up this morning and I think I enjoyed it more than him. We just played the games that came with it, boxing, golf, tennis, bowling and baseball. I don't know how the other games are, but so far so good.
  5. OSU_Fisherman

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    If graphics are what you're looking for.... PS3
    If online gaming might be in the future.... XBox 360

    I've got both and I find myself on the Xbox more often for the sole purpose of playing online. If Guitar Hero is the main focus, you might as well go with the Xbox since its a little cheaper.
  6. Our kids are 4 and 11 and love the Wii. We make it off limits 5 days a week.That also helps with us playing to much. If you dont need killer graphics go with the Wii. Games can get exciting and they will come out with some more.Make sure you dont play around any overhead lighting or you will loose it when playing,lol. Dont worry about throwing the controller if you have it strapped on. Good luck and call all the stores around your area and you will find one. Have fun cause you will when playing and watching your kids play.
  7. ScottB

    ScottB SW Ohio

    We have had our Wii for over a year and the kids rarely play with it. It may go two or three weeks and never get turned on. The Xbox 360 gets used almost every day (including by me). My boys are a little older (9 and 14) and they like the games on the 360 and the Xbox live better than the Wii games.
  8. ive had my wii for about a yr and a half. its a blast. graphics arent that great but decent. ive played 360 and ps3. i like the wii. in my opinion i think its the greatest out and easiest to use. and like the 360 and ps3 they have guitar hero for it too.
  9. Zfish

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    Depends on what they like for Gaming.

    As others said if Online gaming is ANYWHERE in the future go with the 360

    Family Fun is a Wii. Just watching my wife play a game or 2 of Wii is plenty of entertainment for the day LOL.

    I myself got addicted to 1st person shooters on 360 and online gaming. I do have guitar Hero for the Wii and it's a blast but it can be hard to find. I dont have any experiance with the PS3 but the main question is if there is going to be any online gaming.

    Technically Wii does have online gaming but it's not user friendly like Xbox.
  10. captnroger

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    Depends on their ages. My kids love the Wii, but they are young (6 and 4). I have a 360 for me that I rarely use.
  11. We have a Wii and 360, and the kids 7 and 11 much prefer the 360. We have Rock Band on 360 and it is a blast. The wife and I actually have more fun with the Wii, the bowling and tennis games are great. But like someone said previously most Wii games are a bust!! I also agree with the 360 for online gaming, it is very easy to do. I play Halo and Gears of War every once in a while online and it's a ton of fun, I just don't have time to play very often. Would much rather be fishing!!!!!
  12. LWS


    We have the Wii and the Ps3 ..The wii bowling and the likes is fun.. but the graphics leave much to be desired...(its cartoony..for me the more realistic the better) it can not compare to Ps3..or Xbox360 in that department... the xbox360 and the Ps3 were designed to be the center of your intertainment..simple to get centers...heck you can even put family photos on the ps3..and i think you can do the same on xbox.. xbox has many more exclusive titles..but to play have to pay..(about 70 a year) for xbox live..whereas Ps3 goes thru your existing connection.. really its about weighing in the wants and needs..Now after all my oldest likes the wii more... the youngest likes any game lol..and i prefer the ps3
  13. Chuck P.

    Chuck P. Here We Go Steelers

    Thanks for all the input. Forgot to mention, my Daughter will be 11 yrs old this year (where does the time go?).

    Her and her 13 yr old sister are into racing games, guitar hero and of course the mario series of games.

    I'm having a real hard time laying down that much cash for a game console.

    Anyone have a PS3, XBOX 360 or Wii they are selling?
  14. if they are into the mario stuff then wii is the way to go.
  15. I agree with ice, mario and Wii are a great combo. It is also a good thing for them to play other games on, rentals are getting better for teh Wii and I have had good luck at hastings getting used games cheap. Since your children are girls there seems to be more general games they can play with friends. Of course I know a few girls that can hang with Madden and MLB the show, but most don't get into those games.

    And..... Wii son rented it, I played it when he went to bed at 10.....started a tourny series....went to bed at was like a quest...LOL!!!!
  16. Chuck P.

    Chuck P. Here We Go Steelers

    Well, I decided to bite the bullet and purchase a Wii. The hunt starts today when I get off work.

    Thanks again for all the input.
  17. LWS


    good luck with your purchase. be carful if you try the Wii bowling... i was sore for 2 days lol
  18. Chuck P.

    Chuck P. Here We Go Steelers

    Well, I just bought a Wii with the Guitar Hero pack. Damn that's a chunk of change for a video game system :(

    From what I could tell, it's going to be a fun system though. I already hit a home run playing baseball :)
  19. corndawg

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    Since you bought the Wii system you’re going to have to check out a fishing game made for it called “Fishing Master”. Also check out Game Fly and Hollywood Video. They both have memberships where you can rent out games and keep them for as long as you like with no late fees. Game Fly is cheaper and can deliver in 1-2 days so there’s no driving. Hollywood Video is more expensive but you can drive to it and change games that day. We have 2 XBOX 360 consoles in the house and subscribe to both. Have fun with the Wii and don’t get hurt. :p