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Need Erie, PA help

Discussion in 'Steelhead Talk' started by archman, Dec 12, 2004.

  1. I might be going with the girlfriend this Friday to Erie, PA. I wouldn't mind hitting trying my luck in some of their rivers on Saturday. I've never fished this area before, but I've heard the steelhead fishing can be fantastic. Can any of you recommend a good spot to fish? I primarily drift bait under a bobber. I've contacted that Poor Richards Bait shop, and they always just tell me to come in. I'd like to have any idea where I'm going before I get there.
  2. Elk Creek has a lot of fishable areas but a lot depends on how high it is. You should pick up a map of Elk Creek as it shows all the obvious parking areas as well as the private areas. You won't be able to buy a license until Jan.1st but you just ask for a free permit to fish at any of the tackle shops. You will be back tracking from Erie to fish the Elk but it has more room than other streams in the area.

  3. Archman,
    I've never been to any of these places but, a reference book I have shows;
    East of Erie, Pa.
    Walnut Creek, and Elk Creek,
    West of Erie, Pa.
    Twenty Mile Creek,
    All bieng Blue Ribbon Trout streams and having Sea/Lake Run Brown trout, Coho salmon and Steelheads.
  4. Actually,Elk Creek and Walnut Creek are west of Erie(between Erie and OH line),Twenty-Mile Creek is east of Erie.I go over all three of these creeks 4 days a week,and right now,they're all high and muddy.As SD suggested,Elk is probably the best of the three,one other small stream a little further west near East Springfield is Turkey Creek.Until they muddied up,guys were doing real well on Elk Creek near Girard.
  5. Oops...
    Please accept my apology for getting the directions reversed.
  6. i agree. try elk duder.