need directions to nimi

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  1. can someone give me directions to nimi from kent? also which ramp is best.
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    Why would you fish there, it's full of water!! Someone will chime in with directions I'm sure. I'm terrible with directions. I like the C-6 ramp or the ramp off S. Main. Good Luck, let us know how you do.

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    i live neer kent and did live there last year

    76 west till you hit the 77s rt 8 inner change in akron
    take 77s to 224 west
    to main st exit
    turn right off the ramp
    and take it out 7 miles or so
    you will cross over 619 and pass caston rd the lake will be on your left and it looks like a long embankment the ramp on main st is on the left at the first light after you start seeing the embankment..........that ramp is in the middle of the lake on the east side

    if you want to get to the east side of the lake turn left on caston I think thats the name its the light after the green food mart and ice cream stand) then turn right at the first street there are 2 launch ramps one on the north end and one on the south
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    We most likely are waiving the white flag on the LaDue series this year. It just seems like we're donating money this year, it's been tough. Nimisila is a sweet alternative, more than likely Nimi, Portage and Lake Erie is where I'll finish out my Bass fishing season. Good Luck!