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Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by SwollenGoat, Jun 14, 2005.

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    Sorry in advance for being long-winded...

    Bought my first boat last year and have a dumb question about the battery and charging it. I bought a new Interstate Deep Cycle trolling battery to replace the old one that came with the bass tracker I bought last year. (Interstate guy agreed it was shot.) I also just bought a new Craftsman automatic battery charger with a 2/10/50 amp switch and auto shutoff. I hooked up the charger last night per the directions and set the charger to 10 amps and set the switch to deep cycle - not conventional. The book estimated that a deep cycle battery with reserve capacity of 180 would take about 6-7 hours if it was dead. My battery has a reserve capacity of 210 and I left it on the charger for about 6 hours last night, but could never get it below 6 amps on the charger. (I believe when the charger is only charging at 2 amps that is when it shuts itself off.)

    The plates were bubbling pretty well (caps off of course) and the battery was pretty warm, but not hot. I'm worried about overcharging and possibly harming my new battery. How long are you guys charging your trolling batteries and what settings are you using on your charger. Also, if you're using an automatic charger do you trust it to shut itself off?

    Just trying to get some good advice before I learn the hard way, thanks.

  2. Can you overcharge a battery? I don't think that you can, i may be wrong, but i just put mine on before i go to bed that night and take them off when i get home from work the next day so they are usually on for 10-16 hours. I have never had a problem with mine, it just sits there and trickle charges at the end.

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    can't help much with that problem,but i can tell you what i did to eliminate a whole bunch ohassle,after burning up two portable chargers.last year i installed an minkotta onboard addition i''ve made to my shut off,maintence cycle,and charges overnight.i leave it on for days at a time with no pulling batteries,crawling in the boat,or dragging charger around.i back my boat in the garage,at the end of a trip,plug it in and walk away :)
  4. If all the cells were bubbling and the battery warm it's pretty well charged. You need a hydrometer to know for sure, and yes you can overcharge a battery. I would say 80% of the bad batteries that come in are place are killed by their owners. The battery should have been charged when you got it anyway. Charge at a lower rate if you have the time, your battery will last longer.

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    Thanks guys, sorry I forgot to mention that I had it out last Friday night but only ran it for an hour or two. I was just trying to see if the auto shutoff on this charger was going to be the ticket for the best charge. FWIW - I also have an on-board 2-amp trickle charger that I have been using, but somebody told me those don't put a hard enough charge on a marine battery and they were more for keeping it maintained - not necessarily charging it after usage. Any thoughts?