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  1. does anyone in portsmouth or ironton area sell fresh skipjack or shad i live in columbus and want to fish greenup i need to get bait i hate to drive down and not be able to get any bait
  2. If you'll be fishing at the Greenup Dam, you will be better off to buy a throw net and catch your own bait at the Dam. As for baitshops I definitely don't know of skpjack being sold anywhere, but you may have some luck with shad. Try the following baitshops: Ol' Dads in Portsmouth (740-353-2051), Vic's Baitshop in Haverhill, or the Tacklebox in Ironton.

  3. Slightly off topic BUT we fished the first dam on the Kentucky River, just off of the Ohio River out of Carrollton, Ky. today - caughts lots of smaller fish and a couple of decent hybrids.

    I have never seen so much bait (shad and skippies) in the water right up against the dam. One huge dark cloud of shad all of the way across.

    I saw one boat approach the dam - make one throw with the net - get what looked to be hundreds and drove off after that one cast.

    Incredible!!! Needless to say I packaged some up for future use.

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  4. Good job B. Hey Livto,, like Ou 98 said, there's plenty of bait at Greenup. I fished there yesterday and there's still tons of bait. BTW the cats are biting good, the whites are doing really well and the wipers are coming along so be prepared if you come down. Saugers also,,,,dave