Need advice on a good Stripper

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by PapawSmith, Jul 2, 2008.

  1. PapawSmith

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    That would be paint stripper. What did you think I meant?
    I've got three Red Oak door jambs/casings that have been painted that need stripped. Don't have much paitence for stripping wood but these doors are over 100 years old and, due to the sizes of the materials, it would cost about $150 per opening to replace with new Oak. There are several paint strippers on the market that claim to be "The Best" and I have no clue which is. The home is vacant so low odor products are not necessarily a requirement. Hope some of you might have some experience with this crap that will save me some grief.
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    Don't waste your time with strippers until you get the bulk off. Go with a heat gun and use a good respirator mask. This will take the bulk of the paint off down to the bare wood. This is when you want a chemical stripper. Use it to get the final residue of paint off. You'll want to use course steel wool and work your way down to fine to get it completely clean. Rise with water and let dry.
    None of the available stippers will take more than one coat of paint off at a time.

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    Go to an autobody store and get aircraft stripper. It is methylene chloride based and the paint just bubbles and peels right off. Don't get it on your skin and don't breathe the fumes. This would be the best, especially for several coats of old enamel paints.
    There are others based on DBE but you have to let it sit on the paint for an hour or so. You may also have to apply several coats. It has a sweet smell to it.
  4. I had good luck with Zip Strip Marine grade striping fluid, takes multiple layers off at a time
  5. Aircraft stripper is absolutely the fastest paint stripper made. What I would
    be concerned about is getting it all out of the wood before refinishing.It is
    powerful stuff!
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    Thanks guys for the info, I'll probably give the Aircraft stripper a try. Or at least buy some and let someone else give it a try. ;)
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  9. Papawsmith Just did my mothers house 2 years ago all red oak inside painted over go with what Hook n book said heat gun then stripper i used a product called Citrus strip bought it at Lowes its all natural and no oder.I striped the hole down stairs and stairway pocket doors and all came out topnotch a lot of work all this to put it back to the old finish so i could sell it .I used a plastic putty knife so that i didnt hurt the wood and a lot of paper towels. Tight Lines Fishguy