need a reel for a surf rod

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  1. I have a 10' ugly stick big water spinning rod that is made to use 12 to 30 lb line, that i will be using at hilton head to surf fish with. Any help with a make, mode and size of a reel would be helpful, and line type and size. thanks.
  2. penn captiva! if you only use it one or two weeks a year it is inexpensive and very smooth. i think it is eleven ball bearings, i picked up a 5000 for i think 49 or 59 dollars. i use it two to three weeks a year in NC and it has held up great

  3. fireline i fish salt water a lot a 10' rod will take a BIG reel i use penn 6500 and 7500 spinning reels they are not cheap. 6500 holds 250 yds of 20# 7500 holds 350 yds of 20# maybe more depends on line type # might have changed to 650 & 750 these reels around 100$ check ebay lots of them on there.. bigger penns 850 & 950 hold lots of line 20&30# other types of reels this size cheaper check pro bass salt water catalog you can get one on line. hope this helps some good luck fishhook01
  4. You can't beat a Shimano Baitrunner. The 3500 is perfect for a 10' rod.
  5. You might want to look at an Alvey for your application. Would take a little training on your part probably. Its an Australian reel used for surf fishing. Can cast about a mile, its similiar to an open spinning reel when casting but turns 90 degrees to then be used to reel, like a center pin. Kind of a unique concept. Nothing cast farther then a spinning reel and you need that distance when surf fishing.
    If you Google Alvey you'll see some good videos and information. They are fairly inexpensive.
    If you have some money and want to buy a great spinning outfit look at Van Staal. These things are amazing and work great with braid and can absolutely take the abuse of the salt and sand. Looking at $600 and up though.
  6. Well I may not have good info for you on what reel to get but I can add that I surf fished Hilton Head in 2004 and had a blast. I fished every morning from oh about 6:45 - 8:30 am. Caught many black tip sharks (16"- 20"), sea trout up to maybe 22", some type of flounder type fish which are a real battle since they use their wide body to create resisitance. However my son caught the biggest fish in the afternoon one day. A 3 foot shark. He had a blast. By the way I used two rods w/reels I picked up down there at Wal-Mart. They had spinning reels, came with line with a crappie type rig. They were ready to fish which is what I was looking for. I was looking to rent gear but couldn't pass up the deal at Wal-mart. I used squid for bait. The wildest thing that happened is the guy fishing next to me (about 500' away started screaming and running towards the shore. He and I were in about 30" of water casting when a decent sized shark (3-4 feet), swam between him and the shore. That was pretty amusing but it's a big ocean and anything is likely to come swimming past you.
  7. First question is what will you be fishing for and how do you plan to fish for it(live bait or lure)?
  8. last year I used frozen shrimp and squid, with a 1 oz sinker and casted out as far as I could. I cought 3 differnt types of sharks 12 to 25'', whitening and a few smaller fish that I don't know what they were. I would like to catch some larger sharks,

    thanks fireline