Need a passport for Canada?

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  1. Do you need a passport to go to and from Canada now? I heard that this doesn't take effect until next year, but someone is telling me that it's in effect now. Thanks in advance.
  2. aww you guys shouldnt have! a simple card would have worked but a muskie trip in canada is a great graduation present! :)

    my cousin just got back a few weeks ago from toronto and i dont think they needed one...

  3. If you are driving you don't need one,flying in you will.Have your Birth certificate and ss card just in case.
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    You MUST have a picture ID if driving. Passports will take effect January 1ST. 2008. RT was right, flying you need one now, driving a picture ID is all that is required until January.
    I'd suggest ordering one now as they can take up to 3 months to arrive. I got mine last year and it took me 3 weeks, The back order is way up as everyone in requesting one to be ready. The same wil be true to any country after January 2008.
  5. Implementation of the US policy requiring US citizens to have a valid passport to re-enter the USA by car has been delayed until January, 2008 and possibly mid-2009. Canada does not require US citizens to posess a passport to enter Canada. Currently the only identification required to cross the border is 1) proof of citizenship (birth certificate) and 2) valid government issued photo id (drivers license).

    A valid passport is required to re-enter the US by air effective January 23, 2007.
  6. Thanks guys. I was actually asking for a friend at work who's going. I figured you didn't need one yet but wanted to make sure.
  7. Just a note on the passport, you need an "official" copy of a birth certificate to get one. I just sent away to get one with a raised seal. That takes time also. I'm getting the family's passport applications sent in July to make sure we can go to Canada early next year.
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    Hey all I just read on the other day that they changed the passport policy for Canada and Mexico again, the backlog was so big the artical said that now you dont have to have one for either country but you do need your I.D.'s and a copy of your passport application that shows you applied for it.
  9. We applied 10 weeks ago, still being processed. Typically 12 weeks is the wait time now, you can expedite them for another $60 each and cost of overnight shipping costs. They run $97, $30 of which goes to who processes it for you (post office or other agency). You can get your picture taken at Wallgreens for like $7 vs the $15 at the post office.

    Like others have posted, only air travel is required at this time. If you have applied you can print out a form showing you applied & use that until Sept.

    If you plan on traveling to Canada early next year, I would apply ASAP. Just remember they will keep your birth certificate while its being processed, so may want to make a copy of it.
  10. Looks like they are going to delay needing a passport for land and sea travel till June 2009. They were'nt prepared for all the applications. Homeland security doesn't like the idea but looks like it will be delayed. Go figure the Govt. wasn't prepared. this is for certain countries only,Canada being one of them.