Need a new noodle rod???

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  1. Any advice on a new noodle rod. I broke the tip on my gander mountain rod a couple of days ago trying to get ice off the LINE, dont ask me how that happened. Anyway this is the second one I have broken and am looking to get something with a little more quality. Thinking about the shimano clarus from cabelas ($90) in a 9ft ML action. It has a lifetime warranty thats why I'm leaning towards that one. Any other quality rods you would recommend?
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    If you fish both large and small water, you can't go wrong with a 10'6" St. Croix Wild River in either ML or UL action. Both rods handle great, come with a 5 year warranty, and feel awesome. I have both the 10'6" Ultra Light and the 13' Light action. Again, the Medium Light action is also really nice if you like a little backbone. You can find these from $120 to $150 depending.

    You can also get the Shimano Convergence (either 10'6" or 12') that have an over the counter lifetime warranty if that's what you're looking for. They're about $90.

  3. Is it less than 2 years old? If so, take it back and they'll give you a new one no questions asked... Then you'll have a new backup to whatever other one you buy! :)
  4. I've got the wild river 13' Wild River I'm trying to get rid of. simply because I'm strictly a fly guy these days. but I'll tell ya, it is the FUNNEST rod to catch a steelhead on. I've had noodle rods before, but the 13 footer is insane.
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    The Wild River is a great choice....For me, the 11'6" with sliding rings is my favorite. Very Lightweight and great action. Another good rod for the money, is the Shimano Convergence...I have the 12'6" model which has great backbone and a good action on the tip. I beat that thing up and its still going strong...nice rod. Another great deal is a Cortland Endurance...11'6". My brother just purchased this rod this season at Poor Rich's in Erie....$99 with lifetime warranty and comes with a nice Cortland hard-case. Good Luck!
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    If u r looking for value, my 49$ 1O.6ft Gander rod has worked great.