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Need a new fishin buddy

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by TeamPlaker, Jun 9, 2007.

  1. TeamPlaker

    TeamPlaker Fishing Deadbeat

    Need a new fishing buddy in the Cincinnati area. I fish every weekend, usually in any of the rivers (Ohio, GMR, & LMR), early morning and late evening. I don't have a boat, I usually bank fish. Send me a PM if you're interested and I will get back to you as soon as I can (real soon, I need to get out there!).
  2. So where do you live, I live on the northeast side of the city?

  3. my bass fishing club is looking for new members and you dont need a boat
  4. Eastgate area here. Free to fish most days. Usually work 4-11 pm. Free to fish after work too. Let me know. A bass club that you don't need a boat. How does that work?
  5. Great I work 10 to 7 mtthfs usually get out before or after also fish sundays after church, always looking for a fishing buddy.
  6. TeamPlaker

    TeamPlaker Fishing Deadbeat

    I live on Beechmont Ave. at the Mt. Washington/Anderson border. I work lots of overtime during the week, but I'm free all weekend.
  7. you just go as non boater there is a good split of boaters so you always get to fish with someone different
  8. Thea reasons as I understnad them for encouraging non-boaters into your tourney club are:

    1. Oversight - Nonboaters are often randomly distributed among boaters. This discourages rules violations by boaters colluding to trade fish or whathaveyou.

    2. Safety - Having a fishing buddy is always safer

    3. Prize pool - by adding non-boaters you double the amount of participants in the tourney. (Rules differ among clubs on how non-boater monies are handled)

    4. Non-boaters in your club often become boaters at some point. They are likely to stay with a club they are already part of.

    I'm sure there are other reasons also.
  9. i had a boat when i joined so i dont know i only fish from my own boat in a tourny