Need a mud lake report!

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  1. I haven't fished mud on the ice yet and I'm told it produces many ice panfish. I would like to get over there this week if the ice is good. What areas get the best ice (is it consistent) and where do I fish. Any info will be appreciated. P/M me with good info and I will return the favor by offering information to where fish are being caught elsewhere right now!
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    And where may I ask is Mud Lake? Never heard tell of it............

  3. I believe that Mud Lake is off of Route 42 heading towards Ashland. Someone correct me if I am wrong.

    Bill aka wormdunker69
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    Since he's from Barberton he's probably takling about the Mud Lake of Portage Lakes.
  5. Yeah, I was refferring to the mud lake of portage lakes. Sorry about the late reply. I just got off of the ice over on nimisila. No luck at all! Theres 3-5 inches over at nimi right now depending on where you're at. This does not include the open lake!!!!!!!!!!
  6. To get there you have to park either at the golf course or old state and walk, I don't think it is safe right now though. Anyone else know of an easier way to get on mud?

  7. Give Mud a couple of more days.
    It gets hit with alot of wind.
    I'd be skeptical going out today Thurs, 1/24 or Friday, 1/25
  8. My dad built a new dock for a guy who lives right next to the old lieghton marina this past fall. The guy seemed very nice and I may be able to get permission to enter off of his land. I will find out today for sure if I can do that. I am going out tonight somewhere but I'm not sure where yet. I get off at 5 from boatmasters and the wife wants me home by 9. After last nights strikeout on Nimi I need to find some fish for a pick me up! Before I would stay out all night and find the active fish but not anymore:mad: . I guess thats the price I have to pay. At least I'm still getting out alot more than most:D . Anyways maybe I'll see some of you out on the lakes tonight. All of you OGFer's seem to be a little elusive out there. Anybody I talk to I ask whether or not they're members of OGF. I have met only a small number of you over the last three years. Well, good luck to anyone going out this week and maybe I'll see ya on the ice!