Need a hotel near mosquito lake

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Marshall, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. Marshall

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    Will be going to mosquito lake in a few weeks and need a hotel in a decent area that i can park my boat at . I figured someone on here would point me in the right direction.
  2. liquidsoap

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    They are hard to come by around there. Only a few small joints in that area. Camping would be a better bet?
    Good luck in the tournament.

  3. call the causeway bait shop . linda will know what you need ,
  4. Would anyone have the phone number to reach Linda @ the causeway bait shop. We will also be looking for a hotel. Marshall, if you find out would you please p.m. me with any info. I will do the same. Thanks.
  5. I found Linda's website and phone number.
  6. dynamite1298

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    there isnt a hotel { brand name super close } you willhave to problably have to head back to warren to get one
  7. Marshall

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    I was thinking warren or the niles area. Haven't had a chance to look around for a place yet. I talked to Phil and he said he was staying at a days inn about 10 miles from the lake. Let me know what you find bassaddict.
  8. Marshall,

    We reserved a room at the Best Western in Warren. $70 bucks a night and the woman I spoke with was more than happy to put us on the first floor so we could run an extension cord to our battery charger. Mapquest says it's roughly 9.5 miles from the lake. Their number is (330)392-2515. Hope this helps!
  9. Phil Carver

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    We are staying at the Days Inn in Niles. Mapquest says 8.5 miles (14 minutes) to the ramp. Wont be to bad. I would not suggest staying anywhere near Market St. in Warren. There are tons of places to stay, but finding a place that is more secure is the hard part. Go to and type in hotels in the buisness category and 44410 in the zip location. It will generate a long list for you. Good luck.
  10. i stayed at the days inn in niles for mosquito madness. its an older place, but inexpensive. plenty of room for boats and hook ups. just be sure to bring a long extension cord. ive also stayed at the holiday inn by the turnpike and got blocked with the boat....not fun at 4am before a tournament.
  11. There are 3 motels in the Niles area;
    Days Inn - 330-544-1301
    Fairfield Inn - 330-544-5774
    Holiday Inn Express - 330-544-8807

    All are within a mile of each other. There are plenty of restaurants in the area & if you need some last minute fishing supplies, there is a Gander Mountain & a Dicks near by.
  12. Phil,
    Thanks for the heads up on Market St. in Warren. I had no idea. I take it Market St. can produce some shady characters. After seeing your post we'll be staying at the Days Inn also. Just keep it down after 10:00.;)
  13. Phil Carver

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    If I am still awake at 10:00 , we better have a 10# lead after day 1 ! LOL Ok , I am awake now, sorry for dreaming out loud. :D
  14. stormfront

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    these are only 15 minutes max from the lake.
  15. Yes, 15 to 20 min. depending on traffic.