Need a good place to get parts Help please

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  1. Dose any one no where i can get good deals on parts for a 150 Johnson? Used or new

    Looking for a Rectifier and a Stator

    Also need a Flywheel...


    Someone linked this site here, last year and said they had good experience there. I haven't ordered anything from them personally, but it seems like they have decent prices, although the website is ugly as heck. The website is ugly, not laid out well, but they have an enourmosu selection, loads of technical drawings, and a lot of items.

    Their Search Page

    Johnson and 'Rude Section


    Comprehensive List of Johnson Rectifiers

    They have some nice diagrams of the lower units too for Johnson: here

    Edit: man this site is crazy. I keep finding more and more stuff. Check this out, Select your Engine HP and you can view a full electric parts list that they carry for that model:

    CDI Electronics Selector
  3. TMK



    These guys prices are tough to beat for electrical parts.

    Still expensive though.

    No matter who you buy from, prices will be high and they won't take returns.

    Gotta be 100% sure you're ordering what you need.
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    tryn your local NAPA store.prices are hard to beat.

  5. Didnt know Napa carryed boat parts.

    Im also looking for a flywheel. So if any one here has one or knows where i could get one of thos also please let me know its for a 93 johnson 150 outbord

    Thanks for ever ones help!!
  6. Yep NAPA is hard to even come close to in price. You have to order, but usually comes in a day.
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    Why do you need the flywheel? If it's because of lost or broken magnets, a Johnson dealer probably has a kit with magnets and epoxy to repair your existing flywheel. I repaired a Merc flywheel's loose magnets with JB-Weld. If you can, get your other parts on E-Bay. There are good deals to be had on electrical parts when sellers are parting out outboards because of a blown cylinder. I bought a couple voltage regulators, ignition solenoid, harnesses, fuse blocks, and mounts (regularly $400-$500 new) for $31 on E-Bay last year.

  8. The flywheel is all chewed up.. The magnets are bad to. The dealer just said i need to get a used one or a new one.. I went up there and looked at it. I dont think i would want to j/b weld it. I used jb weld alot but on this i dont want to do it like that. Got a few trips planed for this summer be my luck the jb weld would not hold up... The dealer has been looking for me as well and having a hard time finding the flywheel. I know this dealer well i know they are not just trying to get my money.
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    When I lived in Virginia, I used to get used outboard parts from Budget Boats in Chesapeake VA. Here is their website: also
    I don't know if they will mail parts to you, but I bought a like-new used flywheel from them and they have shelves full of Johnson flywheels. It would be worth a try. Used parts are typically half of the new price, sometimes less. Good luck.

  10. have a buddy here in urbana that owns a repair shop.he has quite a few motors and parts sitting around.he has always treated me well and will do what he can to help you find what you need if he hasn't got it. jack hess- jim's marine-urbana-937-653-5833.
  11. I can get you good deals on the electrical parts. The flywheel you may be better off getting that from a boat salvage yard. I have many lists on hand if you contact me at work. For the love of god do not use Napa parts in your engine!!!!!!!!! They make good autoparts but they should leave the marine end to the boat dealers. I have heard a few horror stories about parts bought from Napa. They are not as durable and are not built to true oem standards for marine use. Trust Me!