need a good fish story

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  1. Ok, this isn't a report but a request. For those of you who've been on this site or the one before it "gofishohio" for a few years you will recognize my handle. Well here is the deal...Work has taken me out of town for the last year and I've been living in a hotel far away from my beloved big O in what I need to hear is fish stories, the big one that got away......Bring them on guys!! Pleeeze....
  2. i havnt been up in cinci on the ohio lately but last week i did lose a "thing" on a live 10-12in shad that was a good bit larger than the little blues i've been catching, i've also caught 3-4 true striper this week, all between 5-6 in:D .
    btw i see your in mason, thats my neck of the woods if your lookin for someone to hit the big o with

  3. Im from loveland so that makes three of us
  4. if i told u a big fish storie i'ed be lyyyy'n to u. but i did lose a pole to old man river back in the spring. it'ed just staryed warming up a little, water was up about 35 ft. had a little nibble, and the next thing u know it toke off like a rocket. found myself in 4 ft. of fast water. it did not take me long to get back out. welcome back home and god bless
  5. I used to limit on LM and walleye at Caesers Creek about any day for the first 10 years after the lake opened. But I have had my troubles at CC in the last 10 years.

    Last fall I did alot better than normal - landing 3 bass and a couple of bullgills, and a even a yellow perch. But that is not what lit my fire.

    I saw a record LM. Much bigger than the state record - in the world record class.

    He tried to grab a 12-inch spotted bass that I was fighting right off the hook. He missed it, kind of spooked.....maybe scared when he saw me. I got the 12 incher. This bass was way more than 3 times the length of the 12 inch bass that I landed. The girth was enormous and was a perfectly shaped monster. A 12-inch bass looked like the right-sized meal for it.

    This I saw no more than 10 feet away in clear water less than a foot beneath the surface. Caesars is not dead. It is holding the record and then some. I am gonna guess - minimum 36 inches.

    Now there's a fish story for ya !
  6. last night the other shocking crew got a 150cm paddlefish, do the math, it was huge
  7. Thanks all!! I'll be home in October and will be on the river for the fall bite for sure!
  8. TheKing me and my borthernlaw was out at CC late spring this year and was just out for some crappie bass or whatever hit the bait, we seen two mammoth LM trolling the banks but wouldnt bite a thing we through at them, but they was def over the 10-12lbs range, and i agree after seeing those this past spring it holds a record or two, CC just has too much pressure and too many crazy pleasure boaters.