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Need a fence replaced!

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by ShakeDown, Apr 14, 2004.

  1. ShakeDown

    ShakeDown OGF Staff Staff Member Admin

    I was gonna do this myself this weekend, however with the warm temps coming I'd much rather be fishing :)

    I've got approx 150 feet of split rail fence (2 rail). The rails are good, posts are bad. I'll take the fence down, but I'm looking for someone to set new posts (concrete) and use my existing rails to put the fence back up. I'll supply the materials, unless someone can provide them cheaper.

    Anyone know of any fence contractors here in Central Ohio? I'm looking to hire asap.

  2. captnroger

    captnroger OGF Webmaster

    Shake, I know a guy, let me call him

  3. ShakeDown

    ShakeDown OGF Staff Staff Member Admin

    Roger...please please do man :)
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