Need a canoe man

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Walter Adkins, Jul 27, 2007.

  1. I am taking few guys down to my family's cabin in WV next weekend from Thursday evening until Sunday. Sadly two of the people going have to miss due to a sad reason. This opens up a seat and I thought that I would invite someone from here to go.

    Simple rules: you buy your WV license when we get there $23.00 for the three fishing days, chip in on food that we will be purchasing at Walmart Thursday night, and then chip in on gas and it will not be that much. I am driving my excursion pulling a trailer and we will all be in the excursion. Even at these gas prices you will not be out that much. If you have a canoe that would be great. As of now I have one with out a ride down the river. If you do not have a canoe but do have a yak and would like to go that is fine.
    Just post up if you are interested and I will add more info.
  2. i own two canoes.

    is there electricity at the cabin? i have a c-pap unit.

    how would you rate the difficulty of this paddle?

    pm: me and we'll talk.

  3. sent you a pm. And for anyone else that my have the same questions. The float trip is 6 miles with easy rapids. Nothing over class 2 on this section. As for the cabin, it is fully loaded with beds, kitchen, bathroom, and laundry.