Need a burr oak report

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  1. have wanted to fish burr oak for several years now and never have. 3.5 hour drive so want to make it count if I go. can anyone tell me whats happening there now.
  2. when i go to burr oak i catch a lot of catfish but no bass i never do any good down there.

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    I am headed down for a few days tomorrow/Monday afternoon. And won't get back to my office until Thursday evening (maybe/hopefully). I've been blanked my first few trips down there. But I hooked a giant, and I mean giant bass, on my first trip down there about four Thursdays ago. She was way shallow and had to weigh over 8-pounds! No joke! She hit my white bladed spinnerbait with a chartruese trailer when I was smoking it through the water. I had that bitch about 3-foot away when she turned on me and broke my heart. I am still trying to work my way through the whole experience without falling apart. LOL
    I'll be hitting the lake pretty hard all day Tuesday & Wednesday morning. If I get blanked this trip it means there are no bass in there!!!

    P.S. I hear the State has been screwing with this lake for quite some time now. If some of these rumors are true the bass catch rate may diminish.
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    JignPig, The State, O.U, Hocking College , and alot of other places have been screwing with doing Research, and tests on Burr Oak for years.
    Burr Oak in the mid to late 90s was a great place to fish, Now not so great, They Stopped stocking Saugeye, and Channel Cats a few years back , It seems the State doesnt care about the lakes around here as it does for the Lakes in the rest of the state.
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    Talked to a guy at the Gunshop today. He said Burr Oak is on fire right now , Bass are hitting senko's and Chrome/Black cranks in 2-5 feet of water . Big fish are being caught alot..
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    I camped at Burr Oak State Park Dock-2 on Monday and Tuesday night. I fished the lake pretty hard Tuesday. But I only caught a handfull of bass in the 12-15 inch slot limit. Most of them were in less than four feet of water. I used my marker buoys and fished a few points to try for a fat female staging before going into the shallows, but to no avail.

    There was a tourneyment on Tuesday evening. One of the competitors told me they've been hitting in the shallows on floater diver minnows and twitch baits. And he also stated that he had caught a monster this year off of a high wall deep drop.

    I left Wednesday morning and headed to AEP Recreation land and totally redeemed myself. I pond hopped with my canoe and slayed the hell out of them until the storm hit around 8:00 P.M..

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  7. I know of a new outdoor store in burr oak. I bet if you called them you could get reports. You know how people tend to stop in those stores and state what's happening fishing wise. Plus Maggie, the owner, is a real gem.

    The store is Burr Oak Outfitters. brand new. I know she's working on getting a website up and running.

    Burr Oak Outfitters
    6181 S. St Rt 78
    Glouster, Ohio
    (740) 767-4099

    Don't think her wbsite is working yet.

    I have never fished burr oak. So I can't give you a personal report. However, there is a pond at wild cat hollow that we caught 9 bass in a very short time. about 10-12 inch bass.

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    Hey woodyoutdoors,
    That new store is right there by Dock-2. It is located at the very turn off of St.Rt. 78 that takes you to Dock-2. I didn't go in it. But it did look kind of new to me.
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    Dock 2 is a very nice place to Camp, My family owns most of the land around dock 2 ,So thats where we aways go, And yeah they have a tournament every Sunday and Tuesday night, they are Sponsered by Sunday Creek Bass Busters
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    The store has been there 2-3 years now