Need A Buckeye Lake Report And Dillion Dam

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  1. Greetings, Anyone able to give me a Buckeye Lake Report Or A Dillion Dam Report for saugeye, wipers. You guys are the most helpful & I really appreciate the reports. Heading out Monday, Tuesday if not real muddy. Thanks for your time...
  2. Was out at the lake for the 4th. I threw a line in late the 3rd and early the 4th. I got about 10 catfish and some blue gill. I thew a mister twister for awhile and nothing happened. There was a lot of fishers today. i saw some trolling with dipsy divers.

  3. Thanks for the follow up, I'll post how we do.....
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    people actually troll on buckeye with dipsy divers?
  5. I have fished the last couple weeks almost daily and caught some nice saugeyes trolling. The boat traffic since THursday has shut them down though. I also find it hard to believe someone was trolling Buckeye with dipsys. THats called dredging.
  6. Yeah, I really didn't know what they were never heard of them but the person I was fishing off of (from my island) showed me and explained it all to me how they work. They were bright yellow things on the top water and i asked what they were doing and he said they were dipsy divers and something else and that a flag comes up when u get a fish? Not sure i have ever heard of such a thing. I never troll tho.
  7. sounds more like planing boards to me, dipsy's are a round disk that attach to your line then lure attaches to them. you dont see dipsy's on top of the water. planing boards are used to spread the lures out sideways from the boat while trolling
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    they are inline planer boards,not dipsey divers.
  9. heh, thats funny, same response at the same time
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    LOL,i noticed that when i clicked back on it.
  11. Went out this am and trolled NW of liebs Island. Only thing I caught was 2 jet skis and 1 pontoon boat. I guess I'll try the middle of the week when less boat traffic. Thanks Again for all the reports.....
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    Trolled Buckeye pretty much from 7am-9pm sat and sun. lost several nice fish(saugeye) sat. next to boat while reaching for the net. 9'6" rod and a 6' leader makes netting your own fish kinda tough. Only left the lake sat. with 1 14.5" which I released. Spent most of sunday loosing fish and using up gas until 4pm when I finally landed a 21.5" saugeye. Just as I netted it the lure shot outta his mouth! managed an 18" and 16.5" just before 9pm and called it quits. That's 2 FO saugeye in 3 weeks and my first since '02! Hopefully a lack of boat traffic will turn em on again!
  13. I know the feeling,I have loss more fish this year due to tackle failure,freyed line,broken snap swivels,net buried under tackle boxes,guess we just have to hang in there things have to get better for me anyway;)
  14. did you weigh the skis? Hope u threw them up on the shore--they tend to overpopulate the lakes....