need a berlin report!

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  1. I have a bass tourny at berlin in two weeks and was wondering how the bass were biting. never fished the lake before and i heard it could be pretty tough! any info would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Can't tell you too much about the bass. But, I was out there yesterday fishing for crappie and can give a general lake report from where I was. We fished the north side of 224 and the water temp in the lake was about 58-59. The water up on the Mill Creek area near the federal campgrounds was about a degree warmer. There seemed like a lot of activity on the shoreline. As a matter of fact, we saw a few bass breaking water, aparantly chasing some bait fish, along the willows and downed trees just down stream of the Bedell road bridge. There seemed to be a lot of activity along that whole stretch of shoreline.

    Crappie fishing seems to have slowed down since the front came through earlier in the week. I know its not much help but thats all I have right now.

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    well if you have a tourny comeing up i would be hiting the lke at least 5 days some time be for but i would key in on weed line and hevy brushant stumps .
  4. thanks for the info guys
  5. i have been running into some bass while crappie fishin on the gravel bottoms they seem to be interested in that bottom for some reason anyways i would say bedell would be good because all the shale warms up the water down there good luck
  6. if you dont mind me asking, is there any of these spots by the dam
  7. I don't believe that you are allowed too close to the dam. I see a number of bouys within about 100 yds. of the dam but haven't been close enough to read them. If you stay on the east side of the lake about 3/4-1 mile north of 224, you will find a submerged island. Water depths should range from about 3' at its shallowest and then get deeper. You may wnst to try there; I have seen a lot of walleye fishermen drifting around that area. Be careful though, I think that a few years ago, the dnr sank some pine trees in a shallow spot and although they have rotted away, the cement blocks they used for ballast are still there and are unforgiving to a prop.

    Good luck
  8. thanks for the info
  9. I might suggest hitting the point and cove next to the rt. 18 rr bridge for smallies also. It is on the east shore line on the north side of the bridge.