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Near Miss With A 12 Pt. With Car

Discussion in 'Bucks and Does' started by mbass8dor, Sep 29, 2004.

  1. Hello All
    My Wife And I Were Traveling On 224, Past Berlin Res.
    When Out Of No Where This Huge 12 Pt. Jumped Right In Front
    Of Us, I Swear That Bucks Back Legg Went Over The Fender And How We Missed Him Was Anyones Guess. After Breathing Again And Stopping To Compose Ourselves, I Looked Over To The Left And He Was Just Standing There Looking At Us. What A Rack! Perfect Long Brow Tines And Good Mass, He Still Had Velvet Hanging Off His Right Antler, Wish I Had My Camera! He Has A Huge Body. We Went Back Through The Area Later And Seen Some Doe Out In The Field.

  2. flathunter

    flathunter Mellons mentor

    been there and done that, it does shake you up for awhile!

  3. Hey Flathunter
    It's Funny How Something Like That, Makes You Duck. I Thought He Was Going To Sit In My Lap! Venison Stew Ha Ha.

  4. Reel Lady

    Reel Lady Dreams DO come true!

    Were you pulling a boat too??? That is probably one of my biggest fears when driving home very late from West Branch, or Mosquito...Your heart must have pounded for a long long time after that close call... glad you, your car, and the deer are all okay :)
  5. Marcia
    No I Wasn't Towing A Boat Thank God, It Would've Been Bad News!
    But I Think Our Hearts Might Have Stopped, For A While There. As For That Buck, He Was Just Laughing At Me! Because When He Left He Lifted His Tail And Dropped A Load, Ha!ha!
  6. jeffmo

    jeffmo officially unofficial!!!!

    i've been seeing alot more deer in the last couple of weeks.the farmers here in southern pickaway county started shelling the corn about a week ago and that always gets them just seems to get me in practice for looking out for them when the rut gets going full bore.
  7. it's been a hit and missing siteing for me lately, i go drive around at night looking. i almost took out three that i had to slolom around when i came over a hill out on winchester rd

    and just past the county line on 22 a week or so ago going to work there was one as tall as my truck it seemed like