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NE Ohio Yamaha repair shop

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by eruss, Aug 6, 2005.

  1. eruss


    Does anyone know of any good Yamaha service centers around NE Ohio or Western PA?
  2. LiquidTension

    LiquidTension mouse potato

    i take mine to where i bought my boat, Atwood Marina 330-364-4703 (west, i believe) ive had it in there at least 3 times and have never been let down by there service. mechanics are certified for yammies. mines a '99 40hp 4 stroke. had 'em adjust carbs rich/lean a couple times and just last time they cleaned out all four of my carbs (long story). robert the mechanic is very good, and took the time to show me some things on how to adjust carbs and such (pm me for details on ;) ) .... otherwise this motor is very easy to maintain.

    i also think Norton Marine (rte. 93) in Akron at least sells yammies, i think they would also work on them. i just choose to take it down to Atwood because 1) warranty work(which is over :( ) 2) they are right on the lake for testing, as i assume Norton would have to trailer it down to Portage lakes to test with having a load on the motor. i could be wrong about that though.... not sure how they load test their work :confused:

  3. There's also a Yamaha dealer over here in Jamestown PA, Pymatuning Boat Sales. Their website/hours can be found at I purchased my motor (Johnson) from them a couple years ago and really only needed warranty service once. They were a bit on the slow side, but I guess I had a fairly uncommon problem with the stator that was a bit difficult to troubleshoot. Was in there the other day and talked to them about an RPM problem I was having after smacking a floating tree earlier this year. The mechanic/parts guy talked to me for about a half hour regarding what could have caused it. Went home, replaced the prop and followed a few of his other suggestions and my RPMs are right on the money now with all my top end speed back. Most people I have talked to there seem like pretty decent people, but then again I am a customer. Not sure if they pull the typical BS with non-customers.