NE Ohio fishing hotspots for 2008

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    Lewzer.........I'm with you.....hard to believe it didn't even make list....... if only based on shear numbers caught and not size..... May be they know something others dont. I doubt that......or does the "EYE" fishing at Pymatuning.........or lack of (as publicized) come to mind..........Jon Sr.

  3. 1. PORTAGE LAKES -- another solid year in '07 for northern Ohio's premier largemouth bass factory, which is also the state's only regularly stocked public largemouth waters. Top bait: Rat-L-Trap.

    Since when have largemouth been "regularly stocked" in Portage Lakes!!??
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    haha thats funny. the state doesn't have much of a bass stocking program
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    Thats a Jack Kiser article..isnt it?
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    Maybe they read last months issue of Ohio Fish and Game. The same issue that mentioned the "headwaters" of Berlin....go figgur! Still not sure where those headwaters are....?
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    how mosquito got so far down the list for walleye I have no clue, sizes may lack but don't they stock like 10 million a year or something crazy?
  8. The Goodyear Hunting & Fishing Club very publicly sponsored the stocking of bass into the Portage Lakes for many years;I don't know if they still do.
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    I remember in one of Jack's articles on Mosquito crappie fishing(very positive)he mentioned "the crappie here are regularly bigger than the walleye,which is the good and the bad." That could provide a clue.
    By the way, West Branch had a very good year for walleye last year, in case anybody's listening...
  10. With all due respect, you'd have to show me proof of that. Never heard it before...ever.
    I do know they stocked Wingfoot(private),Springfield(not managed by ODNR until fairly recently) and amurs in Mogadore(managed by Akron, not ODNR then).

    Not likely the ODNR is just going to let a club stock fish in public waters without extensive prior study or some other special circumstance.
  11. Upon reviewing this article, it turns out to be a fun and semi-informative read. The opening was dead-on where he talked about watching the television shows, attending the sportsman shows, ordering from Cabelas, and trying to cure cabin fever. As far as the reports, I want to almost take them with a grain of salt, but it is always nice to read prospective on area lakes especially when a lot of literature doesn’t really exist.

    This article tends to make the Cuyahoga River look like one of the best fishing systems in the area. It receives as top 5 mention in 7 out of the 10 possible fish reports. Although, credit must be given where credit is do as Jack Kiser knows a ton about the Cuyahoga River, but I still remain somewhat skeptical.

    For me, points of interest include:


    “4. Cuyahoga –super-deep waters off Gorge Bridge and pier at Edison truly legendary. Wide range of sizes and subspecies.”

    I’d really like to hear some of these legendary stories. How do you get to this spot? Is this Gorge Bridge, actually the signs for the bridge that says “High Bridge” on the trails?

    As far as subspecies are we talking Channel Catfish and a mix of Bullheads or is there Flathead Catfish in the Cuyahoga River?



    “5. Ohio River – major surprises, usually in the Cumberland Pool in the spring, areas are still a realistic scenario.”

    I never hear too much about people catching Muskie on the Ohio River. Are these fish being caught by accident or are they worth trolling for as one would out at West Branch or Lake Milton?

    To close I am actually surprised and somewhat disappointed that the Mahoning River did not receive any type of mention whatsoever. I truly believe that this is a very under rated fishery. But hey, that’s just me. Please feel free to way in with you thoughts and comments on the above questions that I have posed. TightLines!
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    I definetely remember in the dying days of the goodyear show at Chapel Hill that was the tradition to buy our licenses there.For an additional buck you could join the club.As one of the comeons I for sure remember the guys at the desk mentioning all the fishing places they helped stock and they always mentioned largemouth at Portage Lakes.
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    this bonehead has mosquito up there for every other fish that swims, except walleye?????:confused: im confused, has he ever fished there????
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    I see the credits at the ends of the article stating

    "Jack Kiser is the host of TV's "Buckeye Angler" and is a member of Outdoor Writers of Ohio. He may be reached at his Web site.
    Jack Kiser is the host of TV's "Buckeye Angler" and is a member of Outdoor Writers of Ohio. He may be reached at his Web site."

    But at the top of the article they have a Tom Nader. Seeing how much the Cuyahoga is promoted, I'd say it a Kiser article.

    Maybe Jack never fished the Mahoning or had a baitshop on that river??:p
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    The headwaters of Berlin are Deer Creek Reservoir and the Mahoning River out of Westerville Lakes...

    Besides Deer Creek and Westerville - can't say that there is much fishing along the creeks :confused:


  16. westerville lake???????berlin is my home lake never heard of westerville lake:confused: :confused:
  17. maybe you mean walborn........:eek:
  18. the person you're describing above isn't the guy we knew, not by a long shot.Personal attacks should have some basis in fact.
    For the record, the Kiser family sold the store after fifteen or so years in business, the brothers-still my friends-sold it after their dad died.The lack of patronage would seem to have started about that time, as it then somehow folded in three short years.
    And if mrfish42 is who I think he is(I'm a former member of the Falls Walleye Club),I think he'll agree the family is much missed.
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    Writers write. Fisherman fish. You guys should know by now. Never believe what you read. And half of what you see. Articles are to sell magazines. Fishing lures are to catch fisherman, not fish.

    10 yrs or so ago I read an article on a local lake. I had fished it all my life. It was mentioned as some of the Best Musky water in WV. Indeed I had heard of a Musky caught there once. This body of water was a silt pond for the larger lake. Great for Bluegill, not Musky. The writer had never been there.

    Musky fishing on the Ohio, come on. I did catch a 16 incher once. These guys want you to buy boats, lures, poles. They want your money. They will tell you anything to get it.

    I see the Ohio river mentioned as reliable for Smallmouth, That is a joke! You must decide for yourself what is real and not. Everyone seems to like to catch stocked fish. I guess most places have been stocked a time or two. Personally, I feel this stocking thing is not right.

    Yes. Stock, if it is the last resort. I say fix the problems that caused the fishery decline. And you should realize that it is not overfishing, at least in most cases. They are stocking the Ohio river with tens of thousands of Smallmouth, Walleye, Largemouth, etc. Your alarm bells should be going off.

    How can you tell if the fishing is good. Simple. Everyone goes there. The parking lots are full. The marina opens at 4:30am, and there is a line at 4:00 You have to wait to launch your boat. Not everyone catchs a limit, but many limits are caught. Check the fish citations, a couple mean nothing. Many means a lot.
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    I would agree with Miyot that some good healthy skepticism is neccessary in many ways, but I wouldn't shoot all the dogs cause some have fleas.For instance, there are few area fisheries as maddeningly inconsistent as the Ohio River.Yet, I've had some great days there for smallmouth, wipers, stripers, saugeye, and enormous catfish.
    Two years ago , while all but a couple of the Bassmaster Championship contestants concentrated on the Mononghehala(sp.), a guy named Van Dam won the crown by fishing largely the same pool mentioned in the article-on the Ohio.I think this alone would take it out of the joke category to at least be worthy of mention, as tough as it can be.
    Yes, llike most river bronzebacks they tend to run small, but the article covered that, even emphasizing use of ultra-lite gear.
    Skepticism is fine, as long as it doesn't morph into full-blown cynicism.