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    looking to take my 9 yearold son fishing for bluegills in the near future and would like to find a spot that we can catch some good sized fish. we are shore bound, so that would have to be taken into consideration. hopefully the place would give up good numbers of fish, because with a 9 year old, they tend to get a little impatient and also loose interest very quickly. any help in finding a nice 'gill hole would be greatly appreciated....thanx in advance to all that offer their help......MARC
  2. Try a few farm ponds in your area. Usually, they are overstocked with small and medium sized bluegills. Also, some of the owners want to eliminate the smaller ones as the lake is stunted. I know what you mean. Nothing like getting a kid interested in fishing like being on a lake where there is immediate gratification. Lots of fish and action.

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    Virginia Kendall in the valley off of truxell road is a great spot for young kids to catch gills. There is a dock there that holds tons of gills off the end of it. Not saying they are all nice fish but there are definetly some good ones to be caught.
  4. Portage Lakes in the Spring. Lots of shore access at North Reservior, and they kids can catch gills all day long. Take some minnows too as the crappie will bite, especially in the morning. Best access point is off of Portage Lakes Drive near the Div. of Wildlife District 3 office.

    After Memorial Day, kids can fish the ponds inside the fence on weekends at the aquatic education center... They stock them with some real nice fish and it's a TON of fun. There will be details later on that.

    Good luck!
  5. it may be a bit far from you but Medina Lake on Rt. 18 has a ton of shore access and you can catch blue gill all day.
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    I got my 9yr old hooked on fishing at Veterans park off Hopkins rd in Mentor. There are 3 docks to fish off of, the bluegill are always hungry with some really nice size and there are trout(stocked), catfish and largemouth bass that will cruise around the docks for a quick meal.
    We also go down to Mentor lagoons early spring for some decent crappie fishing.(about 2min down the road.)
  7. Shadow Lake would definately be closer for you. Its in the Metroparks in Solon between Richmond and Solon Roads. Lots of bluegill, and you have a great chance of hooking into a trout, bass, crappie, etc.

    I grew up fishing that lake and always seemed to catch something.

    Good luck!!
  8. Punderson is usually a good place. You can fish around the marina, beach, and there is a dock by the lodge & campground. They will also be stocking trout there in a month. A little weekend camping trip and they also rent boats, I'm sure he would like that.
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    i appreciate all the help from you guys....thank you for taking the time to respond to my inquiry.