Navionics Seminar

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  1. The guys from Navionics will be at LandBigFish (Akron) for a 101 seminar. They will demostrate all their products with a number of different brands of electronics. They will answer any and all questions you may have. The date is May 22nd (Thursday) at 6 PM. They are also giving away a door prize for some lucky person who attends. To register, please call: 330 644 8211. Hope to see you there.

    Their latest product can be viewed here:

    More information on LandBigFish:

    Any questions, shoot me an email:
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    I am going to try to make it if my schedule allows.

    By the way, if you put http:// in front of your web address it will show up as a link that you can just click instead of having to cut and paste.

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    The wife and I just signed up for this one. I have been looking at which one I will put in my ne SI Unit when I get it. My real ?'s are the diff in the gold and premium. I tend to like the prem edition better. Looking forward to hear what the reps have to saw about each application.
    See ya'll there