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  1. Anyone use this on the ohio River? I have a new Eagle 520C but the generic mapping software is a joke, for example, it doesnt show some bridges across the Ohio, and usually when I launch at tanners, the GPS shows me about half a mile from the river, doesnt even show the creek when you zoom all the way in. Heres another, when launching last weekend at Mason WV where the ramp is right on the river, if I fished up the WV side of the river, my GPS plotting showed me high and dry as the river was about half a screen away. You get the Im looking at this software ( $149) and wondered how much detail it shows with accuracy and creek mouths etc. ( I know it doesnt have any depths marked for the river)

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    I have the built in maps on my unit and they are dead on, shows every creek and even ones that I didn't even know where there at times, very very handy Navionics are top of the line so they should be good, they don't do much sounding of the Ohio because of it ever changing and not much demand for it also, lakes are a different story...........Doc

  3. Thanks Doc, if your using it Im sure its just fine! Do you know which version you have?? they make 2, the 2007 Premium version for $99 and a 2008 Premium version which has more lakes in it for $149. Just curious if one is better for the river then the other? Ill check out there website and see if there is any river differences in the versions. If so Ill advise

  4. dont know how they are for the river as i have never had mine in when on the river. but they sure are helpful on the big resoviors in the south. mine came in real handy on santee cooper lakes and on wilson in alabama. you can study a map all you want but when you are trying to find a hump or ledge and you can't see the shore, it can be very difficult, but w/ the navionics it is really pretty easy. if it were me i would spend the extra money and get the best version you can. if you want to see the charts on my lowrance, just holler at me before next ohcc tourny and i ll show you the detail.

  5. Thanks Greg, i just might have to do that if I dont have it by then

    and then there is that whole thing about the water coming down, if ever......this whole past winter and Spring has been a joke trying to get on the OR at least here near Cinci. Too high, too cold, too windy, too low, whatever.....

  6. is never too high!!!! if i had my choice, especially w/ the water temps where they are, i would fish it this high all the time!!! to bad the bend area is cancelled. i ll still be fishin this weekend, just will dock the boat at the camper door instead of at the dock!!!lol
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    I use the 2006 version of the $99 Navionics chip. It works great, very accurate, and have never found a lake that was not on it.