Nautical sayings for tattoos

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    well, i know i will catch some grief for this thread by at least one member here.....(hes the ugly frog colored michigan stinger fool) but here goes it anyhow.....

    im in the process of putting together a tattoo consisting of a nautical theme. Im going to go with the whole fouled anchor, nautical star in rough seas idea......but may substitue the anchor for a vessel caught in the "storm".

    Im looking for a saying or phrase to add to this as well.....for example, one that has crossed my mind was:

    "Anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm"


    "Anyone can steer the course when the seas are calm"

    just seeing if anyone out there has any other ideas for phrases or sayings.
  2. ScottB

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    Mine is "It's not the size of your rod, it's how you wiggle your worm" :):):)

  3. "Holding firm in heavy seas"

    "Steady on the helm in the storm"

    "Its easy 'til trouble comes"

    "Besting Neptune"
  4. the perfect storm

    eight bells

    the bitter end
  5. donkey

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    Loose Lips Sink Ships
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    i am whats i am.

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  7. Workdog

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    Excellent! Except, ... are freshwater CG guys really sailors???? :p:p:p
  8. freyedknot

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    well ,they are seamen? isn't that the same? just because there is no salt in there water is ok w/me
  9. Gju42486

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    see and here i was worried about EZ.....i see he recruited workdog this time :p

    Donkey--yours is a winner, how could i forget that one! :B
  10. Since you're in the Coast Guard, how about one that says

    'I Luv Sea Men'
  11. Fishpro

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    Get a tat of a fat chick with the words "Any port in the storm".:D
  12. "autopilots are for sissy's"?
  13. Gju42486

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    thats navy buddy........have you seen EZ's left arm? :G

    i dont want to steal their thunder
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    He, he, LOL :D

    Walk da plank you scallywag