Natural Gas lock in offer

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by jignut, Nov 10, 2008.

  1. I receive my gas from The Energy Cooperative, not by choice, and have to pay higher gas recovery fees than others lucky enough to have Columbia gas do.
    Other people in the same boat as I am have complained about this so now Energy Coop is offering a lock in price through IGS that will guarantee a set fee through August 2009. The problem is the fee is already 20 cents per CCF higher than I am paying for gas from The Energy Cooperative.
    Forecasts say natural gas will skyrocket this winter and I am having a problem with that since gasoline has taken such a huge dive in the past few weeks.
    Does one go with the other, or is it time for natural gas companies to screw us like the oil companies have or futures buyers did with crude oil.
    I am already paying 3 times more for gas heat than I did 7 years ago, and don't want to go deeper with a locked in price, with the chance that natural gas prices decline.
    What is your thoughts ?
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    gasoline and natural gas are NOT the same thing. i see alot of natural gas wells around NE ohio. i cant see it going thru the roof. but ive been known to have been wrong id ride it out. why pay more if theres no need. i get those offers in the mail to lock a price in also, i use them when i build fires out back.:p

  3. I talked to a friend that works for a gas company. His advice was to watch carefully for hidden fees. Even if it sounds cheaper, it may not end up being cheaper. He says he has read over several of those offers and never has found one yet that worked to his advantage. I'm like EZ...mine end up being recycled