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    Went today to for a sendoff for my sons National Guard unit. First to Fort Hood Texas then to kuwait. I guess I hadn't given it much thought that he was going over there untill today. It hit me how sometimes we think that because we have to work overtime or don't have as much time to fish or hunt or lay around and watch football games we have it pretty good. I saw a lot of tears being shed by wives, mothers, children, fathers and every other family member. It made me think of what these Guard members were giving up so we could do all the things we take for granit. They didn't have to do this there is no draft but they choose to so we can enjoy our way of life. So if you would say a little prayer for all our service men and women all over the world. I just wanted to vent a little and thanks to any members who have served to keep us free.
  2. My son just got back for Iraq, Army Medic. Please tell your son I thank him for his service !!! My son really appreciated the gift packages he received from family and friends. Said it made the days a little better. He really enjoyed the snacks and such. Do me a favor and give me your sons address (PM me) once he gets there. I would like to repay those who sent my son stuff by sending stuff to another parents soldier.

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    My thanks go out to both of your sons. As an older Veteran from the Viet Nam era, I know how much little things mean to the guys far away. They all will be included in our prayers. Be proud of them guys. They are now continuing what lots of others have done to keep us free. Gods speed to all our military men and women.
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    i too would like to extend a THANK YOU to both of you sons. i know sometimes it feels like they are forgotten, they are not. i also remember when i would get a care package when i was in and it would make the day.
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    i agree, being in the military myself, i feel i owe it to my fellow service brothers and sister to make their over seas time a little easier. Although i am stateside, i would still like to lend a hand and send what he would need to continue to fight the good fight over there, if your willing, shoot me a pm also with his contact info- i would be more than happy to send him what he needs to make his time easier.
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    I would also like to extend my appreciation to your sons. Letters from home were a highlight for myself. It made the days go faster. Having the home support means a lot.

    I know what you are going through. My wife is being deployed soon also. It will be state side but never the less, she will be missed my our sons, and myself.

    Tell your boys thanks from my family. They have an important mission ahead of them. God's speed to all the troops, and a safe return.
  7. I know a few people that got a new cell phone for Christmas, heck the one i got the wife is more like a computer than a cell phone. Anyhow, We (the wife and I) have a junk drawer that has maybe five or six old out dated, dropped in the water, drooped on the ice or just messed up cell phones.
    I found a home for them, it's a place called Cell phones for soldiers. So if you have a few cell phones in a drawer or on a shelf some place in the house and you need to find them a new home. Click the link and do something nice for the folks that put their life on the line for you.

    America -- Home of the free, because of the brave.
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    Thank you for your replies, I will let you know when he goes over. He has 3 months training in texas then they ship out. They change things everytime we talk to him so when we know for sure we'll give a shout. I guess when I got home last night it hit me that he was really going and I was a little down and I forgot that a lot of you had served or could have someone serveing right now Thank You! and if there anything I can do for you let me know.

    Thanks wally72
  9. GOD BLESS & Thank YOU.

    I've beeen involved for a few years now & here is what we do.

    This past Christmas we had a magazine drive & sent off 4 big box's of outdoor magazines. Outdoor Life, In Fisherman, Great Lakes Anglers, etc. etc.. Targetting outdoor stuff;

    On a regular basis we send out goodie stuff like;
    Baby wipes,
    Lip Balm,
    Skin Moisterizer (any kind)
    Beef Jerky snacks, these go over real big & they never have enough,
    any kind of suckable candies-Life Saver etc.,
    Slim Jims.
    Instant Soup mix's. (instant anything)
    Foot Balm & powders (NO CANNED or SPRAYS in PLASTIC ONLY)
    Gatorade Powder Mix (this is big)
    Pre-paid calling cards.

    Give him a -while he will tell you
    Whatever ya send, it will be appreciated by all & shared.

    Now as you are thinking about it, book mark this;

    It takes about 35 sec., to do & pass this on to all you know & get them to follow suit. Nik,
  10. After thinking awhile, I gots to add 2 more cents of mine. To further protect myself I'll add;

    IN MY OPINION...........

    I call the so called newsmedia people "JACKALS- VERMIN- & TOTAL #&*#*^$#'s

    Its gonna be easy as a parent to get caught up with all the negativity the JACALS spew forth & the agenda that they have. THEY ARE ALL WORTHLESS PIECE"S OF RAT DUNG!
    My GOOD friend has had his son in IRAQ on 3 tours, his Grandson on 2, ( VOLUNTARY I MAY ADD) & his nephew just graduated from Sniper school last August. I have talked to these warriors may times & when they do come back for visits, they have the same sentiments like me & in the stories that they (JACKALS) spew out.

    Sorry to High-Jack Your original post but its only advice for you & your LOVED ONES.

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    Our thoughts and prayers are with all our young men over there everyday.

    "Blessed is the nation who's God is the Lord; and the people whom he hath chosen for his own inheritance" Ps 33:12
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    Keep member NormD in your prayers also. He was sent Mississippi to get some specialized training in November and after that his destination was unknown... or at least he couldn't say. I haven't heard from him since we were trying to hook up one last fishing trip late October.

    Norm is USAF Active Reserve, attached to the 180th Tactical Fighter Wing OANG here in Toledo. He has a wife and two small daughters that I,m sure miss him dearly.