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    I have several lake maps of Caesars Creek and none have the names of the Islands. Wondering if anybody knew if they have OFFICIAL NAMES? And also what is the name you call it? (little island, big island, ect...)
    #1 Island in Jonas Run (boat camping area)
    #2 Island in front of the day lodge (straight out from Furnas Shores boat ramp) (heard it called the little island)
    #3 Island in Turkey Run Creek (Indian Mound area)
    #4 Island is the Big Island near the Cammping Area boat ramp (heard it called Walkers Island before)
    #5 Island is beside the Camping boat ramp and the swimming area.
    Is there any others?
  2. Good idea. Be great if we used common terminology. As far as I know there are no official names. But, here is what I call them on my personal maps, and how I reference them in my fishing log and GPS log:

    #1. Island in Jonas Run: Jonas Island (or, Jonas Run Island?). Alternatively it could be called goose island because of the heavy concentration of geese that nest there in the spring.
    #2. Island in front of day lodge: Furnas Island. I generally call that whole area Furnas Bay (with Furnas cove in the NW corner; Furnas Island in the SW corner; Furnas Ramp in the SE corner and, of course, Furnas Hump in the middle).
    #3. Island in Turkey Run: Turkey Run Island (Or, Indian Mound Island)?
    #4. Big Island near Camping boat ramp: I also believe it is commonly referred to as Walker’s Island.
    #5. Island beside Camping boat ramp: Camp Ground Island.

    Be interesting to see what terminology others use.

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    I thought everybody who fishes it reguarly had there own names for the islands. BUT, surely somebody knows there official names.
  4. #1) island up in the Jonas Run arm of lake - Ugly Woman Island

    #4) big island near the camp ground boat ramp - Walker Island
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    Ugly Woman Island did you come up with that name??
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  7. Flintlock, you know the spot, the island right there where we smoked Tatman and Huber a few years ago crappie fishing.

    The name has to do with what we saw there one spring morning back in 1995...nuff said
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    might as well name the coves also?

    One island has been refered to as cemetery island?