nail polish and jig heads.

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  1. does anyone use nail polish on there jig heads. Im thinking you can make some neat jig heads with that stuff and that it wont chip as easy as some of the other jigs do
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    try getting powder paint, it will work much better

  3. I agree with johnboy on the powder paint. I make several thousand jigheads every winter and powder paint is all I use. Just make sure you clean the jig eyes out before you bake them. The paint gets really hard after baking and is almost impossible to get out of the eyes.
  4. I had 2 older sisters and did it as a kid.

    You're right, you can make some nice looking jig heads.
    I even gave them 3-4 coats of clear polish, but the paint does not hold up at all around rocks and brush.
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    I use nail polish for jigs and flies I tie.
    Clear coat them with "Sally Hanson Hard-As-Nails" clear polish - the stuff is great!
  6. Ok thanks. I am going to run up to Gander mtn and get some paints.
  7. go to they have videos on how to do it and sell the paints at a good price as well
  8. Testors model paint i found always works good, and they sell a small can of gloss clear coat in a spray.
  9. POWDER PAINT = The way to go.

    But also experiment with a unusual color I see browsing the aisle in nail polish. . Always looking for the MAGIC-SECRET lure:confused: When I do find something & experiment with it, I also coat the lure with 'Nail Hardner' Testors also make some preety cool Candy Apple & others, paint that are neat.
    Gives ya something to do during the Winter,
  10. Purchase a variety of powder paint and mix your own color variations. Powder is the only way to go if you want a jig to hold up colorwise while bouncing off hard bottoms. Coat, cure and then bake for a almost indestructable finish. I will be using a four year old hair jig this Spring at the Western Basin.
  11. Roughly how many jigheads can you do with a 1 ounce jar of powder paint? I looked at the stuff on the web site listed and I am thinking about getting some. I have a bunch of old jigs that I made up years ago that are still bare lead. I never powder coated any of them back then and because of that I have been leaving them sit in the basement.:rolleyes: