N.O.A.A. Moquito closes in 13...

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  1. The opening season event for the Northern Open Anglers Association at Mosquito Reservoir April 19th will meet the capped field with the next 13 paid teams!

    NOAA, now it's fourth season, features 100% angler returns the very day you fish with a 60 paid team capped field.

    Ultimately making for a $6000 first place payout!!!

    Each and every NOAA event ALWAYS returns 12- 100 % checks regardless of participation. A full field giving back over $2k to second & over $1k to third and fourth!!!

    The BassFanArmy.com has sanctioned this OPEN styled series (fish just one or all six) for those committed to the trail offering a shot at eight spots into the national Weekend Warrior Championship- FREE!!!! $25,000 to first- $800 to just show up!!!

    Complete details for NOAA can be found at:

    Online Credit Card payments remain OPEN at this time. This feature will close as the capped field nears the mark!!!

  2. 8 to go after 3/13 mail call and online payments...

    The online payment feature will SOON be disabled!!!!

    scroll to bottom after reading and understanding rules... click the first grey buy now box...

    last chance folks- emails and phone calls dont help you in 2008...I still love ya!:C


  3. Mail call 3/14 5pm has resulted in the CLOSING to online credit payments for this particular event.

    The final 3 teams for the 4/19 Mosquito event will be determined by date of postmarked fully paid entries.

    If you "mailed it" please don't call or email. You will be advised by visiting the daily updated online roster...or receiving your entry back in the mail.

    I'll be in Tennessee at the Stratos plant anyhow..."no reception" :p

    Thanks to all again!

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    Whew we made it in. I gotta keep on my partner about getting those entries in on time.