N.E.W.C. 2009 Tournament Schedule

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  1. I am pleased to announce the schedule for the 2009 N.E.W.C. events.

    May 10th- Mosquito Lake, Ohio
    June 14th - Oneida Lake, New York
    August 16th - Lake Erie, North East, Pa
    September12th - 13th - Chautauqua Lake, New York
    September 19th - 20th - Kinzua Reservoir, Pa
    This will be confirmed shortly.

    I appreciate every one's patience waiting for the schedule. Once I recieved the dates for all the other events, I changed our dates to not conflict with any other events.

    I have made this years schedule extreemly angler friendly by scheduling dates and locations in close proximity to the 2 MWC events to be held the following week. This will help conserve anglers vacation time as well as added travel expenses. Hope this helps every one out.

    Our website along with any format changes will be updated shortly.

    All changes will be posted on our website,( www.neweasternwalleyecircuit.com ) along with confirmation of receiving permits.

    Looking forward to seeing every one in May.

    Tom Means
  2. We have rescheduled our event for May 10th on Mosquito Lake.

    Tom Means

  3. I fished this tournament last year. Tom Means an the NEWC put on a nice event. The advertised payout was awarded to the teams that placed immediately after the tournament in cold hard CASH! Plaques, prizes and hot food at the awards ceremony... Nice job NEWC! I'm looking forward to this years tournament.
  4. Tom, glad to see the dates don't conflict, should be a great bite, I will be there and I'm sure you will get some more teams from the WRWA. Can you list entry fees and payouts? Will there be a pre tourny meeting again? This is a well run tourny with good cash payouts. Sammy Cappelli
  5. Sammy,

    Yes, all the details will be posted shortly.

    This event should make every one want to participate.

    Are you ready to Repeat?

  6. Tom, I don't know about being able to repeat, we got pretty lucky last year, we only had 1 fish at noon, we finally gave up on our #1 spot and our and #2spot turned on the last hour and half. There are to many tough teams to repeat this tournament. Anyways it should be a great bite, we should get some more teams this year. Good fishing, sammy cappelli
  7. JohnStout

    JohnStout Inland walleye info

    Sabatose catching a 8+ lb walleye now that's some luck!! They were stoked and looked crazier than they normally do.They came in and could not believe the size of this fish,neither could me and sam I think we puked a little.Meanwhile on the lake we watched Keith and Eric net fish like they were swatting mosquitos , one after another.Jim and kevin were also circling scooping up walleye as if the fish were coming up and surrendering to them.We held out though played it tough and let our friends have those fish,when the time was right we struck. You know that's how it really went, no luck involved, all pre planned.Great people and good friends, had a good time of course winning helped ,got so excited we locked our keys in the truck. If you know me that's normal stuff. Hope to see you all in the spring hope the feelings mutal. John stout. Getthenetnow@yahoo.com.
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