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Mystery bluegill

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by M.Magis, Jul 10, 2005.

  1. While bush hogging around one of the ponds today I noticed something strange. Bluegills. I have never put any in, and the last time I fished it (last year), I saw no signs of them. Today I saw quite a few. All about 3-4" long or so, it seemed. Other than the obvious, someone dumping them in, can anyone think of any other possible way for them to appear? It just doesn't make sense for someone to carry a bucket, cross country, through overgrown fields, just to dump some bluegills in a pond they aren't allowed to fish. It was bad enough trying to deal with the explosion of the perch population, with the lack of predators. Now I have to deal with this before they get out of hand.
  2. flathunter

    flathunter Mellons mentor

    I have always heard that birds, ducks transport fish eggs from there legs and feet..Dont know if it's true or not.

  3. I wondered about that myself. Never really seemed feasible, but this got me wondering. I honestly hope it's something like that. It really burns my rear to find evidence of people fishing there without permission, which I have in the past. I'd rather find someone uninvited in my house than I would find them on the farm. :mad: Apparently people don't understand what all the "No trespassing" signs mean.
  4. How are these ponds fed? Is there any type of incoming water to it. Does it ever flood and connect with another body of water? Have you introduced any fish yourself or threw a commercial stocking company?

    Actually that pond in my avatar picture was a manmade pond with the same occurance. Bluegill "showed up"...the catfish was put there. Which is why I don't think people would put in young of year bluegill, but fish like that cat get put in to catch another day. Where there is water, eventually there will be fish.
  5. This pond is as land locked as it can get. Fed only by run-off and a small spring. Perch were put in from another one of our ponds that we drained. We put in some walleye/sauger years back that were caught from the Ohio. Last year I put in about 10-12 channel cats to get some predators, and one flathead. That's it that I'm aware of. I did once cast net a golden shiner which I assumed came from someones bait bucket.
  6. If no one else dumped them, the only other option to me sounds like they came in via waterfowl. It does seem almost impossible to me as well, but I've both read and heard of this happening in ponds before.
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    Blue Heron often carry fish eggs as well as zebra muscle larva with them when moving from one area to another
  8. H2O Mellon

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    Man the next time I'm down in SE OH, I'll take them all off your hands!
  9. Take them all! While your here, you can take a truckload of 5" perch too. :D I bet if I was to visit some of the spillways I could find someone willing to come and fish for them. A bucket full of 5" perch has to be better than a bucket full of 5" channel cats, and they have no problem with that. :rolleyes: ;)
  10. I dont understand whats the problem with bluegills being in the water? Don't see how they can do some damage so I'm lost. Guess I didn't read everything that was said on this thread.
  11. It's just that with a very minimal amount of predators, I fear they will get out of hand. The perch population exploded and was going to take some work to get in check. Add bluegill on top of that and I've got my hands full. They may not hurt much, but I didn't need nor want them in there.
  12. bronzebackyac

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    birds would be my first guess too. That is how alot of fish are introduced into certain bodies of water. I do have a solution to your problem, release one of those big flatheads you catch into the pond. They would love to fill their bellies with some gills and perch. lol. Then when he gets the "problem" under control you can catch him and take him out.
  13. I'm one step ahead of you. ;) I put one in last year, but I'm afraid he's out numbered.
  14. I think you need to invite some small kids over to fish. Hooks, line bobber, worms, big smiles.

    Then you can deport the rogue fish.
  15. bronzebackyac

    bronzebackyac Crick Smallie Fisherman

    It must not be the one that you are holding in the picture. He could eat a hundred 5" perch and a hundred gills in a day! Well maybe not that many.