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Myrtle Beach area fishing

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Frozentoze, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. Heading down to Mytle Beach with the in-laws. Considering escaping to fish a bit while I am down there and I have heard there is some reasonably good inshore / nearshore fishing to be had. Anyone have any experience there or suggestions?
  2. Son is down there this week. Fishing is not that great(surf),he is only catching a few blue mostly in the morning.BUT so far he has caught alot of sharks one of which was 4 1/2 ft long. Also he caught a big sting ray that was 2 1/2 wide. Dont think the charters are catching fish either,was a thread from a guy on here that said the fish they were catching were very small and not very many.

  3. I think if I left with a 4.5 foot shark and a ray I would call it a good trip. Thanks for the tip.
  4. i was just down there for four days at the crown reef... talked to alot of ppl not much going on .... i heard the water was too warm best bet would be 5 a.m they said... after that goodluck
  5. Forgot to tell you about the Big Bass Pro Shop down there on 17 just north of the Rt22 exit.
  6. Summertime fishing in either of the Carolina's surf sucks. You will catch some fish that the Mogadore bluegills would make look like dinks and they are not that great to eat. If you go anytime from mid to late Fall thru Winter and Spring til about Easter,you will have a blast! Some good eaters too. You would need to take a very expensive charter out into the gulfstream to get decent fish in the summer.
  7. I appreciate everyone's input - I was able to get some fish to come out and play.

    I tried the surf one morning, and while I saw some baitfish jumping around dawn it was just small stuff and the waves were way too big to be fishing for dinks out in the water.

    I tried the pier one morning too - saw one flounder out of the entire crew, so again no luck.

    I booked an inshore fishing charter with Captain Smiley's charters. It was one of the best trips Ive ever done. He takes a small boat with just up to 3 guests so it was just the Capt, my brother-in-law and I on the boat. We fished the estuary and jetties with jigs and light action rods for redfish, flounder and speckled trout. Great trip - great scenery, no long drive out in the ocean, lots of good eating fish and the fishing was fun - casting and jigging rather than bait it and drop it over the side. $330 for up to 3 people for a half day. Cannot recommend this type of trip enough. We caught 4 really nice flounder, 6 speckled trout, a ribbonfish, a couple black sea bass, a black drum and a grunt in about 3 hours of active fishing.

    Thanks for everyone's suggestions - I got a lot of PMs in addition to these replies.