Myrtle Beach area charters?

Discussion in 'Fishing Reports - Out of State' started by ShakeDown, Oct 24, 2007.

  1. ShakeDown

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    Any recommendations? Headed down for Thanksgiving, and lookin to get my dad and I out for a few hours, preferrably light tackle inshore. Seeing a bunch options on the net and was hoping someone on OGF could provide some insight!

    Fishing decent in late Nov?
  2. DarbyMan

    DarbyMan Seize the day

    Captain Dicks in Murrels Inlet. You can rent a boat to fish the estuary. It's a small skiff boat. Lotta fun, just have to hit the tide right. I've seen that inlet turn to mud in a heartbeat.

    You can also rent crab traps and tackle if you don't wanna haul any with you.

  3. Zfish

    Zfish More Horsepower Raider!!

    I have to 2nd Captain Dicks. :)
  4. RiverWader

    RiverWader Cottontail Mafia

    Ive always used Hurricane Fleet out of Calabash , And Always had a great time.
  5. ShakeDown

    ShakeDown OGF Staff Staff Member Admin

    That boat rental gig sounds pretty cool...My only concern is, we know JACK about salt water fishing...would prefer a guide, but those prices are pretty sweet.
  6. NewbreedFishing

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    I am always avail. for vacations.:D :B :C

  7. captnroger

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    Be prepared for some sticker shock, even inshore. I was down in the Dayton area last week and gas prices have raised the rates of charters through the roof. 4 hours near-shore was going for $600, will full-days off shore as high as $1400.