Myakka River

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  1. The Myakka River (9 miles east of Sarasota, FL) always has been one of my favorite places to fish. However, fishing has really been bad for the last two years. In fact, I haven't fished it in quite a while.

    I decided to try it again. I was surprised. I had to work hard for every fish, but I ended up with 25 bluegill, shellcracker and stumpknocker. Almost all were quality fish.

    Had one hit (a miss) on a popping bug. Things heated up when I changed to a No. 10 nymph. Got all my fish on it.

    The river is beautiful and a true reflection of Old Florida.

    It's only 10 miles from the house, so I plan to hit the river more often.

    Myakka River:






    This gator made me pick another route: