My Version Of Glow Boards

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  1. I'm to CHEAP to spend the money for the GLOW thingies one can buy to add to the Big Boards for some night time trolling. Bought some glow necklace's about $2.00 for 10 of them, drilled 1/4" hole's, reamend the opening a bit, spaced about10" apart & pushed the ends in. Worked like a charm!
    The pic does not do them justice, out on the water they are AWSOME, & glow for about 4/5 hours.
    Same for Yellow Boids, smaller glow necklace, 8" long, 3/16 hole & stick up like a small periscope.
    Any party store has them.
    Oh, one can buy small 3" earings, to hang on your curtain rod holders.
    No weight to speak of & does not effect your presentation or action.
    BUT WARNING: Get ready for UFO sightings from local broadcast or papers.:)

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    Nice... thanks for the idea!