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My son's 2005 Hunting results.

Discussion in 'Out Of State Hunting' started by Buckeye Bob, Oct 14, 2005.

  1. Buckeye Bob

    Buckeye Bob rrbski, The Happy Carper

    Just figured I'd share Bobby's hunting successes this season in Alaska. Bit of trivia...the rifle he uses is an old Ruger 77 30.06 that I bought when he was 2...I used it for 14 years in Alaska...and he's used it the 12 years since I left. Hard to believe he'll be 30 next year. Anywho...the goat is his first ever....along with a black bear, sheep, and moose. Sheep hunting is his favorite and goes each year....moose is his every year meat hunt and usually gotten within 10 miles of their home.'s a link to some need to sign in, just click on the pic and it'll open the slide show.

    Proud Papa....
  2. Those are some nice pics and that is beautiful country. Someday I hope to spend some time in Alaska. It just may not be until I am retired.:rolleyes:

  3. DaleM

    DaleM Original OGF Staff Member

    Great pictures again. I bet that makes you a little home sick for the chance to walk out your back door and hunt like that. Oh- to be 30 and be able to do those thjings again. Thanks for sharing Bob.

    FISHONAJ wishin i was fishin

    I'm still exploring new parts of OGF and saw these today. Thanks for sharing those GREAT pics! I've yet to harvest an animal in AK, but keep going up every year. I always have fun and at least catch fish. Check out my avatar :D AJ Johnson !!!

    BIGDAWG Team Bass Xtreme

    Awesome pics, thanks for sharing!!! That is beautiful country there, I hope to make it some day while I'm still healthy to hunt it. Thanks again...BD ;)
  6. that sheep is awesome. Dad shot one couple years ago in NW territories. great animals
  7. jeffmo

    jeffmo officially unofficial!!!!

    really enjoyed the pics.that has to be the ultimate for a hunter!
    i talked with a friend today who invited me to go on an elk hunt next september but i had to say no,hard to do with a young one getting ready for college next fall.but in 4 years i'll be headed back out to colorado.we may be moving out there when i retire!