My son won this battle...

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by JignPig Guide, Mar 12, 2008.

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    While looking through my fishing photo album. My mother pointed out how much bigger my sons (her grandson) bass was than mine. We both laughed!

    I'm sure I'll be reporting on some local waters soon.

    JignPig out...

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  2. mrphish42

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    Hey guys........all I know is, that I see one happy father and son team......holdin up what they shared the experience and memories of catching.I hope this battle (over who's is Largest fish of the trip) will continue for you two, for many years to fishin to you both.....Jon Sr.
  3. I agree with you mrphish42 - my 9 1/2 yr old always tells me when were hitting the water that "he's going to out fish me today." And the funny part is I hope he's right every time!
  4. That was probably the best possible answer. I know it bums me out to think that I can't even get my dad to go fishing with me. He used to love fishing when he was younger then he lost interest as I gained it. I hope to be the dad that gets out fished by his son someday. Good luck to all this season :)
  5. If you could get him back on the water one time I think that would change! It's always good to get beat by the kids....
  6. Me and my Dad used to fish together all the time when I was younger. When I turned 18 I went to college in Columbus and he pretty much quit fishing. He said it was because he couldn't get any good bait since I moved away, I always set traps and threw a net. I think it was because he didn't have anyone to fish with anymore. After 10 years I have moved back to the Ohio Valley and hope to get him out again this spring. I have even bribed him by setting up a new bait tank and knocking the dust off my old traps. Now I figure he has no excuses.

    Great pic by the way, me and my dad got a bunch of em and every time i look at them it brings back great memories.

  7. Great pic! I look forward to when my son and daughter can go out with me. They are 2 nad a half and 14 months. My daughter loves to pretend we are fishing and loves to eat fish so hopefully it will be an easy sale!

    My first fish was a stocked rainbow out of a lake near Flagstaff, Az. can still remember it. Still fortunate that dad still likes to fish. Hope to be on Erie with him next month.

    Thanks for sharing.
  8. mrphish42

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    To you all that are posting about your kids.......I for one am darn proud of what you feel and thinf of them.....I'm going on 66......all three of my kids (2 girls and 1 boy) late 40',s to late 30's and they are all great fisher-people.....and hopefully they can show me a thing or two......but do we not raise them to do/ or be, better at life...........than we were......THAT IS LIFE'S OWN REWARD............and they will always remember's my guarantee to you and also from them (your kids) ............TAKE A BOW ........your earning it........good seasons to all of you....... Jon Sr.
  9. Nathan

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    next time hold that smaller bass next to the camera, it will look much bigger
  10. My Son caught a 3lb LM here a few years back and still hasnt let me live it down:) its all good, we razz each other a little while we are out, thats part of the fun.
  11. Just got off the phone w/my son and he wants to go out this Thur.
    Try some Jigs and jerks in a pond.
    He got me itching and I logged on here only to find this post.
    (hand of God) all the kids in my family like to fish and if you look in my gallery
    you`ll see grand kids makin grand-pa look bad with some of their fine catches.
    This sport of ours really can bond families together.
    Oh yes, we are going out Thurs. (of coarse).:p

    Capt Hook
  12. I taught my son how to golf and he kicks the crap out of me now.
    Is it OK if I don't teach him how to fish?? :D
  13. JamesT

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    I see a great father/son relationship! Keep up the good times and stay on the water!