My Son is gone.....

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  1. My buddy..My fishing Pal....Boating buddy,Grass cutter,Weedeating man,,Take the garbage out ,,,,BE at work on time,{works for mee}....

    I'M gonna miss him.

    OFF to college.....Bowling Green State,Ohio...

    He did ask me for the keys to the boat,A slip close to MarbleHead,And a tab @ Wee Willey"s sports bar.....

    Note To Son.......

    You're sister has her Capt.Lincense......Mom is cutting grass and taking out trash.Mom says can's are to heavy due to the amount of empty beer bottles in them....

    Son......Please clean you'r room when you get home during winter break.....I"m not used to sleeping on floor....

    I Love you Kevin..


  2. jeffmo

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    it's kinda tough when they're away from home for the first do really miss them but it gets easier!
    you'll have fun going to see him and it'll be even that much better when he comes home on holiday breaks.
    my daughter is about to begin her 2nd year at wright state so it won't be as bad as it was when she left the first time.

  3. Ahhh that's sad but good. Sad he left good he's in college. I'm crying already and my son is only a senior. This is my last year with him at home. I tell him please don't forget mom when you go away. Mom loves you and has been there for him. Sadly his father has not.

    Anyway, my son is in his 2 nd year of welding at a tech school. he'll leave for FL next fall for under water welding academy. We live in Ohio. At least I'll be able to visit him in FL..that's a perk! Plus when he makes his 1st big bucks he's buying me an RV of my choice. I can have a drive one or a truck and an RV to pull.

    Congrats on your son making it into Bowling Green. Tell him to stay safe and come home often. I know it must be scary having off in the big world all by himself now.
  4. DaleM

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    They do grow up. He'll be fine Dad.
    Just remember they always come back, even after 37 years:D
  5. A friend of mine has a son that just shipped off to boot camp last week...he is still kinda feeling his way as far as how he is dealing with it.
  6. fugarwi7

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    Now I understand why you are moving!! :D :D

    Fishn'...I remember when I ventured off to college...really enjoyed those trips back home!!! I am sure your son will too...until then, go fishing with some other may still miss him, but at least your wettin' a line, and especially if mom has the garbage duties covered!
  7. KaGee

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    Hey Dad, I'm only 20 minutes away if you need a second set of eyes. ;)
  8. Toxic

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    Man, I read your title and thought the worse! Congrats to your son. College is a big step. Just think in a few (many) years you will be taking Grand-kids out fishing. :C
  9. Perchy101

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    And we (sons) will always make time to return home for pops and go hit the "honey" hole for a few hours.... And all will be good.
  10. It's sad around the house.Mom is upset,daughter in limbo........DOG is DEPRESSED.Hell I feel like the dog.Kevs girlfriend of 2 yrs is a basket case.

    No wonder I feel like the DOG........